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How to Become Successful on Youtube?

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5 months ago

How to Make Amazing Short Videos Without Shooting Videos

Making medium and long videos require you to have elaborate video making skills such as shooting videos, editing videos, etc. However, when you start with short videos, you do not require any specific skills. Furthermore, it is really difficult to gain traction with medium and long videos, however, you can become successful with short videos pretty soon. That’s because this is a new format and a lot of social sites are promoting short videos.

Free Stock Video Footage: On the websites like pexels, pixabay, and, you can find plenty of free videos. You can use these videos to create short videos for the platform of your choice. 

Text-To-Speech Programs: Having free video footage is not enough, you also need to add voiceover. If you are not very comfortable using your own voice, you can use Text to Speech program. Clipchamp is a free Text-To-Speech program and a video editor.

Free Music: If you want sound effects or background music, try They allow you to use up to 10 tracks for free every month.

How to Get Video Ideas For Your YouTube Channel

The key to becoming successful on youtube or any other video-sharing platform is to frequently publish videos. If you have a dearth of ideas, constantly creating videos can be really difficult. Here are a few methods to get video ideas

Youtube search: First of all, you need to make a list of your potential search term based on your niche. Then input these terms on the youtube search bar. You will get suggested searches, click a few results, and then you will see the video list. Try to create videos that have the potential to outsmart your competitors.

VidIQ or TubeBuddy: VidIQ is a website and chrome extension and TubeBuddy is a browser extension that works as a youtube analytics and youtube SEO tool. By going to keyword search you will find potential video ideas.

Google Keyword Planner: This is a free tool that you can use to get ideas for your blog posts as well as video content. While choosing the keyword, always choose keywords that have high search volume but low competition.

Free Resources For Creating YouTube Videos

If you are a video content creator on youtube, you will find these resources helpful in creating videos.

ThumbsUp.TV: This website will help you see how your thumbnail will look like on youtube when you access youtube from different devices. The tool will recommend thumbnail size and aspect ratio as well as show how your title will appear. This will also tell you whether your title will be cut off. This tool automatically detects the word to capitalize and not to capitalize making it super easy to write titles for your video, or even descriptions.

Vid IQ: Available as a website ( and chrome extension, it is a video tutorial and analytics platform for youtube. This is similar to Tube Buddy. This tool has paid option as well as a free option. Creating video becomes super easy with this tool. This tool analyzes the auto-complete data from various search engines and creates long-term search terms that people are asking on search engines. This tool gives you a content idea.

Think Master Class: The Only Master Class You Need to Succeed on Youtube

If you want to start on youtube and if you want to become successful on youtube, you need to join Thing Master Class. This is a free Youtube Strategy class. By joining this class you will learn how to build 1k subscribers quickly and how to earn your first $1000 quickly. And the most interesting thing about this free class is you don’t even need to own a fancy camera, have video editing skills, or work 50 hours a week on your channel.

The free course will not only teach you but also help you to build your youtube channel as a side hustle job. The course will also teach you how to make the right video content, and how to avoid a topic that does not generate views. How to build views, how to generate income, etc.

Joining the course can be your first step towards youtube success.

Class duration: 60 minutes

Course URL:

The requirement to join: You need to provide just your name and email ID

Fees: Free

Disclaimer: I am not in any way associated with this program.

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Written by   179
5 months ago
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