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Three Seasonal Products That You Can Sell All Through The Year

If you want to start a profitable business, you need products that you can sell all through the year, products you can sell to different age groups, and the products that a lot of people use.

Here are some seasonal products that you can sell all through the year as well as to different age groups.

Flip Flops: Flip flops are popular footwear worn by all sorts of people. Many people visit beaches to cool down during the summer, and flip flops are a popular summer product. However, you can sell these items all through the year. For instance, you can sell flip flops in the northern hemisphere (Asia, Europe, North America, and some parts of Africa) during summer, and sell the same items in southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, South America and some parts of Africa) when summer comes to these areas.

Crocs: Crocs are a cross between flip flops and shoes. People use crocs for all sorts of informal events. They wear it at home, they wear on the street. They wear while going to the beaches, they wear whey visiting parts. Men, women and kids, all ages wear crocs. These products are popular during the summer, and you can sell them to lower hemisphere and upper hemisphere according to the season. Interestingly, crocs also sell well during winters.

Swimwear and swimming trunks: Swimwear is ideally a summer product, and swimming is a common summer activity However, you can sell these items all through the year. When summer in the upper hemisphere ends, summer will begin in the lower hemisphere. If you focus on selling globally, you can sell these items all through the year.

How to Start Selling

Dropshipping: Create a website, use dropshipping addons, integrate Aliexpress to your website, and sell products through your website. When someone orders product from your website, you will be sending the cost price to Aliexpress, keep your commission, and forward the shipping details. You do not have to do anything. You are just a mediator.

Print-On-Demad: This method is similar to Dropshipping, the only difference is with dropshipping, you sell products that are made available by your supplier, whereas with print on demand you sell your own designs. Your supplier will use your design to create products and ship them to your buyer.

How to Generate Sales

Create short videos about your products, and share videos on multiple platforms and include product link in your videos.

Post on social media and promote to your followers

Use social media advertising to generate sales.

Wondering About What Products to Sell? Sell These Items to Make a Lot of Money

Even though it is easy to start an online business, the major issue with an online business is not knowing what products to sell. If you find yourself in this position, here are three items in high demand.

Tote Bags

Tote bags can be used for a variety of purposes, from grocery shopping to fashion accessory. You can match these bags go with any kind of clothing, jeans skirts, shorts, you name it. You can use it in all season, and all occasions. These bags are also popular among green activities as they limit plastic bag usage. That’s why these bags are high selling items.

How to sell?

If you are good with art and craft, you can create tote bags with recycled clothes and put these hand made bags for sale on Etsy. You can also buy in bulk from ecommerce marketplaces and resell them on ebay or Amazon. However, the easiest way to sell Tote bag is through Print On Demand Method. You can create designs through Canva, Photoshop or Midjourney, sell these designs through Amazon Merch, Redbubble, Zazzle, etc.

Coffee Mugs

People start their day with a decent cup of coffee or tea. What if you can drink tea and coffee in a mug with fascinating designs, meme, slogans, etc, that would brighten your day. The market is really huge as it uis used by all sorts of people. You can expect to make a lot of money as the market for coffee is expanding at the rate of 9 percent. Market analyst even say that the coffee mug business will reach $27 billion by 2028.

How to sell?

If you do pottery, you can handmade coffee mugs, or if you have money you can purchase in bulk and resell. You can also buy plan coffee mugs and create designs on mugs to sell for premium price. The best method is through print on demand method. You can create designs and sell through various print on demand markets such as Amazon, Redbubble, Etsy, etc.


Now, this might surprise you. However, you might not realize how much money you can make by selling stickers. If you check Etsy, stickers are one of the high selling items. People use stickers in cars, mobile phones, laptops, refrigerators, wardrobes, furniture, almost everywhere. You need to invest money on sticker printing machines and design stickers with funny memes, motivational quotes, hilarious slogans, etc. and sell them through online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy or even though your own store.

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