Great AI Tools for Content Marketers and Content Creators

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Whether you are a content creator or content marketer, you will have to create content and distribute your content. You will become successful in the content creation and marketing industry only when you create great content. Content creation requires great skill. However, if you use AI-based tools, content creation will be easy for you. Here are some great AI tools that will be very useful for content creators and content marketers.

Great AI Tools for Content Marketers and Content Creators

Brandmark AI: Logo generator

If you want to create a logo, you need to be very skilled in Photoshop or Illustrator, or Canva. is an AI-based tool that will allow you to generate great logos. Apart from logos, you can also use this tool to create product mockups, business cards, letterheads, presentations, etc.

Namelix: Business Name Generator

Whether you want to name your business or want to create a name for your client’s business, you will find a great tool. This tool will give you the best name you can ever think of.

Descript: Audio-Video Generator

If you are a video content creator or video marketer, you will find very useful. This tool will allow you to create stunning videos and podcasts. You can also create video clips, record screen, generate transcription or even create voice narration.

Pictory AI: Script to AI Video

This is another AI-based video creation tool. If you want to create short videos from long videos, is an ideal tool. You can also generate a video based on a written script.

Beautiful AI: Presentations

If you are a marketer and have to give presentations or pitch your ideas frequently, you will find this AI tool very useful. You can choose a template and put slides on auto-formatting. You will be able to create awesome presentations in minutes. You can create project proposals, annual reviews, etc. by using

Synthesia IO:AI Avatar Videos

If you want an avatar video, you will find very useful. You can just enter your text and choose an avatar and your text will be read by an avatar. This tool is good for creating sales videos.

Murf AI: AI Voice Generator

If you want to convert your text into video, you will find a lot of tools but you will find that most of these tools will create machine-sounding voice. However, will create a voice that is identical to humans. This tool is good for creating voiceovers.

Copy AI: Copywriting

If you want to create copies for your marketing materials, such as sales copies, ad coppices, slogans, etc.  you will find very useful. This tool will generate very creative copies that you can use for your marketing.

Runawayml: Video Editing is a complete AI tool that you can use to create videos or images. This tool can even allow you to remove items from your video and change the video background.

10 AI Tools For Article Writers

Writing articles is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. You can find a lot of sites where you can write articles and earn upfront payment. You can also try writing article sites where you earn from tips or engagements on your articles, or from views and impression. As a writer, you can also try blogging, or even publish ebooks.

English is the most useful language when it comes to making money by writing. If you are using English as a second language, you will be struggling with language and grammar. Even if you are using English as a native speaker, you might not be able to write well. In the situations like these, you will have to use different writing tools that will help you brush your language and writing.

Here are 10 Artificial Intelligence Based Tools for Article Writers

Grammarly: This is a language and grammar checker too. The premium version offers a lot of features but even the free version can be useful for writers.

Quillbot: This is a tool that you can use to rewrite text and brush up your written text. The rewritten text is 100 percent original. The free version allows you to use just 125 words at a time. From generating blog posts to writing emails and copies, does everything.

Hemingway: This is the best alternative to Grammarly, if you do not like Grammarly, you can use Hemingway to improve readability in your article and also simplify complex sentences.

ProWritingAid: This is similar to Grammarly. However, unlike Grammarly, which is designed for shammer posts, ProWritingAid is specifically designed for longer forms of writing.

ChatGPT: This AI-based tool will generate almost anything you want based on the input query. Ask the tool to write “10 Artificial Intelligence Based Tools for Article Writers” and it will generate an article like this instantly.

Writefull: This is not a general language and writing checker, this tool can even generate a title, paraphrase, and abstract for your article and journal.

Article Forge: This AI-based tool will generate articles on any topic you want in minutes.

AI Writer: This is another AI tool that you can use to generate articles.

Simplified: You can use this tool to generate articles and blog posts


Some of the AI tools mentioned above can be used to generate articles. These articles are not only readable but also 100 percent original. However, you should understand one thing while using AI for generating text. These tools will look for online resources and generate text based on what is published on the internet. These tools cannot replace human creativity.

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AI has been a trending topic also here in my country. We cannot deny that AI are useful in performing other tasks but it also have a significant effect.

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