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How to Use Facebook to Build Your Business

Facebook is not just a random platform to connect with your friends and family or even your boss and colleagues, Facebook is also one of the best platforms to build your business. You can build your online or offline business by using facebook and the best thing is there is no need to spend money.

You can use facebook to build your business brand, connect with customers, provide customer support, market and promote your products, or business, generate traffic to your online store, generate sales, etc.

The first step starts with creating a facebook page and a facebook group. While you can use groups for community discussion, you can use a page to share information.

The second step is to build an audience (followers on your page and members on your group). You can build followers by running ads but a better approach is to build organically and you can do so by sharing useful and interesting content.

The more audience you have on Facebook, the better your business reach.

Generating Sales on Facebook

You can set up a shop and then sell from your shop. However, you will have to fulfill certain requirements for setting up shop. For a lot of people, this might not even be possible. However, you can easily sell from your own page if you share products on your page. You can sell easily if you have a lot of followers, however, you can sell even when you do not have a lot of followers. You can run ads and generate sales. Facebook ads do not cost much, you can even start with as low as $10. You can run a $1 per day ad for 10 days to see the result. Well, there is no guarantee that you can generate sales from ads, running ads will only increase the likelihood of generating sales. However, if you want to do business you should be willing to invest money in marketing and promotion.

If you want to use Facebook to sell products, running ads is the best method to do because you don't have to build followers, you can reach a lot of people through your ad and generate sales. If you have 10k followers on your page, you can reach 10k people when you post your product, if your followers are genuinely interested in your product you will be able to sell your product. However, if you do not have 10k followers you can spend $10 and reach 10k people. If you target your ad to the proper audience, people who are in the geographical region where you want to sell, and people who are interested in the product you are selling, you can easily generate sales. You will not only be able to recover your ad budget but even make profits.

How to Start Print-On-Demand Business on Facebook

Some print-on-demand companies require you to have your own store (on your own website), some methods require you to create account on ecommerce marketplaces to sell product (you might have to pay for listing the product), and some print on demand platforms are completely free. If you want to use the free method, you can start it on Facebook.

Go to Printify or Printful and create a product, your product can be anything T-shirts, hoodie, mugs, caps, mobile covers, curtains, etc. You will have to first create a design and the upload on Printify or Printful. Once your product image is created, go to your facebook page and post the picture, add 10-15 percent markup cost (your profit margings). When your product is ordered, go to the site where you created the design, order the product and use your buyer’s shipping address. You pay manufacturing cost and anything you add to the manufacturing cost will be your profits.

How to Start Dropshipping Business on Facebook

Dropshipping is a business method where you don’t create products, you don’t buy the product to resell, and you don’t even fulfill the product you are selling. All you do is import the product to your store from a supplier and when the product gets ordered on your store, you forward the shipping address and pay your cost price. You then collect your profit, which is the difference between the price you pay to your supplier and the price you charge to the buyer.

Dropshipping requires you to create your own store or a shop on ecommerce platform. Interestingly, you can also dropship through Facebook.

Go to the ecommerce platforms where you can get products for really cheap, for example, Aliexpress, Alibaba, DHGate, CJ Dropshipping, etc. Choose the product you want to sell and then post the product picture on Facebook. When someone orders the product, you go to the supplier store and order the product for your buyer.

How to Generate Sales Through Facebook Ads

Facebook is a wonderful platform to generate sales if you organize a proper ad campaign. Through Facebook ads, you can generate your ebook sales, digital course sales, online store sales, etc. However, in order to generate sales you need to implement a couple of strategies.

Design a Better Ad: No matter what kind of ad format you are using either image-based or video ads, you need to design your ad to captivate your audience.

Target Proper Audience: First of all identify your customers (people who are likely to buy your product) and then target these people in your ad campaign

Use a Proper Ad Format: Based on your audience and the product, choose an ad format. You can choose a single image or carousel ad, video ad, etc.

Assign Daily Budget: If you are new to facebook advertising, I suggest you try $1 per day and 7 days ad campaign. Once your campaign ends analyze your performance and then made changes to your ad target and restart the campaign with a higher budget.

Which is the Best Platform to Start a Business Facebook Marketplace or eBay?

eBay is one of the best places to start an online business because you can use it to sell used or new items, digital and physical items, you can even start dropshipping and print on demand business.

Interestingly, Facebook Marketplace is continuously evolving as one of the best platforms for social commerce. You can sell products as well as services without having to pay for listing or sales commission.

You can use eBay as well as Facebook Marketplace to build your online business, however, if you are wondering which is the best platform to start a business, I will try to answer your question.

Which one is best depends on what you are selling and who is your audience.

Facebook Marketplace is mainly for selling locally, within your country, or within your own town or city where you can personally meet with buyers and deliver goods and collect payment. eBay on the other hand is a general ecommerce marketplace that you can use to sell to the global audience.

Since Facebook has a huge active user base, selling on Facebook Marketplace is easier than selling on eBay. If you are not able to generate sales, you can just use boost feature and reach more people to generate sales.

Facebook Shop Vs. Instagram Shop

Facebook and Instagram are two popular social media platforms embedded with social ecommerce functionality. These two platforms allow you to create your shop, just like a shop on ecommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, and sell your products and services to other users and make money

Facebook Shop is integrated into a business's Facebook page. You will have to create a page for your business, meet the requirements, and create a shop. Instagram Shop is integrated into a business's Instagram profile. You will also have to meet the requirement. The basic requirement for an Instagram shop is the profile needs to have at least 10k followers.

Facebook shop and Instagram shop, both allow businesses to set up an online storefront. On your shop page you can manage inventory as well as process payments directly.

There is a slight difference between facebook shop and Instagram shop. Instagram Shop is exclusively for visual products, whereas Facebook Shop can be used for visual as well as non-visual products. Instagram Shop has a feature where you can tag products in posts and stories. Whereas this feature is not available on Facebook Shop.

It is hard to say which one is better. It is also hard to tell which platform is easy. It all depends on your followers count and marketing skills.

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Facebook is also a great platform to showcase a business. It has a huge number of users worldwide.

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