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Dropping Out From College to Start a Business

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1 month ago

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are Havard University dropouts. Steve Jobs never graduated. Elon Musk is a graduate but has no MBA degree. What is one common thing about these men? They don't have a high level of education but they built big companies and hired MBAs to work for them. Since these men built big companies without being highly academic, a lot of people have this impression that they don't need a high level of education to excel in professional life.

Kylie Jenner built a big cosmetic brand called Kylie Cosmetic. Her worth is 1 billion. However, she does not have a high level of education. She once even said, "she wasted time at college".

These are just an exception. For the majority of us, we need to be at least a graduate, if not an MBA, to get hired and grow as a professional. Being an MBA is more than having a certificate.

Business Vs. Educattion

If I was in a situation where I had to choose between higher education and business, I would always choose higher education. Education will enhance your skills build your knowledge so that you will become successful in whatever you do in your life. You cannot build a business without proper knowledge.

Attending workshops, seminars, visiting business expos are good ways to get new ideas and also gain exposure. You will not only meet great people, you will also learn from your competitors. If you have not done MBA, you should also do an MBA because education also equips you with better ideas

You also need to understand this. More than a degree you need skills and knowledge, however, you will develop skills and knowledge only through education and training. If you don't go to college how would you develop knowledge. If you don't go for training how would you develop skills? Therefore it is important to attend college.

You need funds for business, you can impress finnciars nd investors if you have a agood resume. In order to build a better resume, you need a good education, a lot of training, a lot of experience, and a lot of things to showcase on your portfolio. If you don't have these things consider learning and working to build a better resume. If you want to get hired, you need something to show on your resume.

Training Vs. Education

TRaining mens learning skills, education means acquiring degree.

You need both, and I am saying this from my personal experience. I learned the skills related to software development but I also went for MBA. Skills and education both are helping make to earn living. You cannot leave one for the other. You need both. Just because you have a degree does not mean you will start learning a lot of money, and you may not earn well if you do not have education.

Well, skills can pay you really well but education pays better. Who do you think draws the highest salary in Google Inc.? Yes, that's correct the CEO draws the highest salary in the company? He was able to reach that position because of his education. Education also means learning skills and becoming skilled.

Starting a Business: What Do You Actually Need

If you want to get a job, you need education, skill-based training, and knowledge and expertise on a certain niche/topic. Having experience might come as an added advantage but there are companies that even recruit freshers provided they have education and training in the relevant field. If you want to build a business, you need knowledge, skills, and expertise. You will gain knowledge, skills, and expertise through education and rainings. The most important thing you need is money. If you do not have money, your business will not materialize. Well, there are a lot of mechanisms that will help you build funds for your business, for example, selling your assets, borrowing from friends and family, getting a bank loan, crowdfunding, etc. But none of these methods are easy. Last but not lead, businesses are also risky, it is not a full-proof method to build your income because business can fail and you might lose your investment.

Dropping Our From college to start a business

I don't recommend anyone to give up education for building a business because business can fail but education can never fail you.

If you are still in school and college, money-making shouldn't be your priority, your main priority should be completing your education. If possible you should be vying for higher education. You might be tempted to make money, but remember, you should not give up your big goal for small reward.

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Written by   165
1 month ago
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Dropping from college is not a good right now.. Because in order to apply work you need to have a college diploma

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1 month ago

Someone once told me that education doesn't teach you how to make money, it only teaches you how to interact with people and not how to make money, my question now is why do people still go to schools and universities since they know they won't make anything out of it? To me I think you can make anything out of anything you put your mind into.

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1 month ago