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Different Ways to Make Money On Amazon

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Some of the common ways to make money on Amazon are:

  • mTurk

  • FBA

  • KDP

  • Amazon Associate

Amazon Associate

There are a lot of ways to make money from Amazon, and the easiest one and maybe the most popular one is Amazon associate program. Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. You don't need a website to promote Amazon products. There are a lot of affiliate networks you can try but I suggest Amazon Associate, not because it is easy to generate sales with Amazon or because Amazon offers the best commission, it is because Amazon is a bigger company and people shop with confidence on Amazon and they are never cheated on Amazon. With affiliate networks like Linkshare and Commission Junction, any Tom, Dick, and Harry start affiliate marketing their products and stores your visitors might not buy the product because the store or the business is not well known (would you buy from any store that is unknown to you?). For Affiliate marketing with Amazon, you need to be a good digital marketer.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

You can make money from ebooks in two ways, one by ghostwriting ebooks and selling your Author rights, two, publish on your byline on book publishing platforms like Kindle, Smashwords, etc. and earn money when books sell. Both of these methods are easy as long as you have the skills to write and sell ebooks.

Write an ebook on a topic that is in demand. Publish this ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. See how passive income starts building. However, before you can make money from ebooks, you need to market your book well (including paid ads), your book should also be professionally written and edited.

On Kindle, you don't sell books for pennies. Kindle suggests you price your book at least $3 and you will earn 70 percent of your cover price which means you will earn $2.10 per book. Isn't that amazing? I am giving an example of earning on the lowest-priced book. Don't make a hasty comment

In order to become very successful with KDP, you either need to be a good writer or have the money to hire a good writer to ghostwrite for you. You also need to become a good marketer to drive sales.

Fulfilled By Amazon

FBA is a business model where Amazon allows indie sellers to use the Amazon platform to sell items. It is free to use, you give commission to Amazon only when the products are sold. You also do not have to take pain for shipping as Amazon will handle everything on your behalf. Sadly, FBA is not available every where.

I have not tried Amazon FBA because the program is not available in my location. However, I know what FBA is and how it works. FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon is a program from Amazon for sellers who want to sell their products under the flagship of Amazon. FBA allows you to sell your products through the Amazon brand.

By the way, you can also try selling via Amazon. Selling on Amazon is called Fulfilled By Amazon and is a little bit more complicated than selling on eBay as you are required to send your products to the Amazon warehouse.

KDP Vs FBA: Which is Better?

KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing is a free publishing platform from Amazon where you can publish ebooks as well as paperbacks for free. The books published under the KDP program will be available for purchase in less than 24 hours on the US Amazon store as well as other regional Amazon stores, Amazon UK or Amazon Japan, for example. Generally speaking, you do not have to spend any money to make money through this method (KDP even offers a free cover creation tool which saves you money to hire a graphic designer for your book cover), however, you might have to run ads to generate sales.

FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon is a program offered for indie businesses to sell through Amazon. Unlike KDP, which is available globally, FBA is available only in those countries where Amazon has regional offices or warehouses. That’s because you are required to send your products to the Amazon warehouse in order to sell through FBA.

So, KDP is a clear winner.

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Written by   165
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