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4 Interesting Ways to Make Money Without Investment

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How to Make Money By Starting a Merch Store

Merch is the short form of merchandise. Merchandise is a generic word used for goods that can be bought and sold. Merchandising is one of the easiest ways to make money online, and it is also a method to make a lot of money online. Interestingly, you can do this without spending any money.

If you want to start a merch store without spending any money, you can try numerous platforms, for example, RedBubble, Printful, Printify, Pixels, Fine Art America, etc. On these marketplaces, you can almost anything from a T-shirt to flip flops, jewelry, rugs, rowels, coffee mugs, stickers, etc.

If you have graphic designing skills, you can create designs that you can use on your merch. Even if you do not have graphic designing skills, you can use drag and drop tools to create designs, or even buy for a small price and use them on your merch.

You need to create merch that is in demand and do a little bit of SEO for your listing.

Make Money By selling SVG Files

SVG file is a 2 dimensional vector graphics. The SVG files can be used to design clothing items like T-shirts, hoodies, or caps, stickers, greeting cards, cups, plates, mugs, social media templates, etc. If you check online marketplaces for digital items, you will see SVG files are one of the highest-selling products. People buy these files so that they can use it on their products (especially the people do not have graphic designing skills).

In order to create SVG files, you need knowledge and skills with graphic designing software like Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. You can create everything from interesting fonts, interesting quotes, to sketches, drawings, illustrations etc. If you do not cannot use graphic design tool to create these items, but you are good with pen and paper or art brush, you can draw on a paper, scan it and save in SVG format using graphic designing software like photoshop.

You can sell these products on numerous marketplace, for instance Etsy, Zazzle, etc.

Dropshipping and Dropservicing

Dropshipping and dropservicing are similar concept. While you see products with dropshipping, you sell services through dropservicing. When you dropship, you don’t manufacture or procure products to sell, likewise, when you dropservice, you don’t provide service, you just outsource service provider to deliver the service.

When you are dropshipping, you sell form your store (either your own store, or third-party marketplace) and source your products from the marketplaces like Alibaba or Aliexpress. When you dropservice, you sell from your own website or any other freelance marketplace and outsource service provider from freelance marketplace.

Between dropshipping and dropservicing, which is a better business model to make money online?

In order to become successful with dropshipping, you first need to build your business brand, your online store should have reputation. People do not buy from unknown seller and store. In order to become successful with dropservicing, you need to establish your reputation as a service provider. 

Most importantly, you should never tell you are dropshipping or dropservicing.

How to Build Your Career in Video Content Creation

Khaby Lame was an ordinary TikTok user until his videos went viral and he became the face of Hugo and Boss. He even walked Red Carpet in Canes 2022.

Who does not know MrBeast or PewDiePie. These are the world-famous YouTubers.

One of the easiest ways to make a lot of money and rise to fame is by becoming a video content creator.

The best thing about becoming a video content creator is you don’t even need video editing and video-making skills straight away. There are free tools to help you make videos, which you can publish on the platforms of your choice and make money from video monetization. You can even just open the app and start shooing the video from your video sharing app and share straight away.

Choose a niche, don’t try to be Mr. Know All

Strive for originality, don’t copy someone’s idea

Publish regularly

Publish general interest videos, videos that enlighten the day of the viewer, or a video that provides information or education

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This was informative, talking about drop shipping is they any reputable stores you can recommend for me ?

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