My happy day

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2 years ago

Hello Everyone! In today's story I will write you my happy day when I was very happy.

I remember like yesterday that it was and now as I write to you this heart beats

So to begin with, I was a fifth grader in elementary school an excellent student exemplary student parents were proud of me at every parent meeting.

My friends and I had a lot of mobile phones, but they are not touch-sensitive but ordinary, I wanted to have a mobile phone, but I had to listen with great success at the end of the school year.

I told Dad and Mom that I wanted to have a cell phone as well as all my friends, my father told me that as soon as the school year is over and as soon as he sees the booklet with great success that I will get the latest cell phone.

In a way, I was angry because it lasted a long time, the first semester of the fifth grade had just begun and the second until the chaos came, but somehow I understood that whether parents should be appreciated and respected.

During the school year, my friends literally made fun of me because I am the only one who does not have a mobile phone.

The day came to hand out the books, finally at the end of the fifth grade school year, our class teacher taught us German, he called out all the students, handed out the books, I was the penultimate in the diary and I couldn't wait for him to call me, and finally when he called me, he left. I read to him and gave me a booklet when I saw the success, I cried with happiness, I passed the fifth grade with excellent success and a thank you for an exemplary student of the success generation of 5.00, we said goodbye to the class and went on vacation.

I came home and gave my mom and dad a booklet when they saw both my parents crying with happiness and my father told me e now son we are going to town to fulfill your wish mom and I took the money we got in the car and went to the mobile phone shop.

Dad and Mom bought me the latest cell phone first to come out alkatel one touch and they bought me a laptop I jumped and cried with happiness and now as I write this I am in tears because I have never been so happy as then that day .

Here's a lesson for others learn school listen to your parents and your parents will help you as much as they can, parents are best friends in both good and evil.

Thank you all for reading !!!

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Lovely story. Thanks for sharing it

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