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My 6 compositions about winter from elementary school

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1 week ago

Greetings in today's post I will share with you my 6 compositions about winter that won in elementary school while I competed with other friends.

This morning my wife and I got up to drink coffee and talk, we came up with the idea to unpack a few unnecessary things, while we were looking at what we needed and what we didn't. I came across my notebook from elementary school where all my bands were. won the competition and got a grade of 5 plus a thank you note from all the teachers at the school.

So when I found it, I decided to share with you 6 of my winning teams and the memory of my days in elementary school, so let's go.

1-Winter has arrived

Autumn slowly passed, and a cold white winter arrived instead. She crept slowly into our lives and gripped the whole city tightly with her icy hands.

Snow clouds float in the sky like white boats, and the first snow falls from them. Gentle white snowflakes like celestial ballerinas dance in flight as they fall from great heights on the streets and roofs of houses. Everything around us is slowly turning white. The trees got new clothes and the tired branches are no longer bare. Winter dressed them in white dresses with long lace sleeves. There are thick woolen carpets on the lawns, and white hats on the roofs of the houses. Frost has woven silver lace on the window panes and instead of curtains of different colors, now white lace curtains hang on all the windows. Winter woke the dormant chimneys. Thick gray smoke rises high in the sky from them. People are warming themselves in their houses, and animals have crept into their shelters. Nature is slowly getting ready for hibernation. Migratory birds flew south, and the sparrows fell silent. They sit in their small nests with folded wings and tremble in the cold air. Only children are not cold. Dressed in warm clothes, they run across the snow with a smile on their faces, and he splashes on their feet.

When winter arrives and the frost tightens everything around, only a smile can be seen on the children's faces. They love when the snowflakes gently stick to their face, they love the snow and the games in it. Winter is a favorite season for children.


In a white fur coat and a white lace dress, Mrs. Winter knocked on my door. She hugged me tightly with her icy hands and greeted me with a cold breath.

Winter did not arrive alone this time either. She brought with her her faithful friends, the wind and the snow clouds. Clouds like white ships float in the sky and pour snow dust on us. Everything is white and shiny. Gentle white snowflakes flicker in the air like bright stars. They fall on the roofs, cover the streets and weave silver lace on the windows of children's rooms. Tired and frozen tree branches are no longer bare. Winter dressed them in white dresses with long lace sleeves and adorned them with glittering pearls. The roofs of the houses, decorated with snow and ice, proudly show off their white hats. Frost painted pictures of crystals on the windows, and hung glass fans under the eaves. Frozen sparrows sit in their small nests with their wings folded and shiver in the cold air. Their merry chirping is not heard. All that can be heard is the whistling of the wind performing its winter concert, playing with snowflakes, and they dance like ballerinas until they gently fall on the red children's faces. Boys and girls, dressed in warm clothes, run across the snow with a smile on their faces, and it splashes under their feet.

I love when winter arrives, even though it's cold and sharp frost pinches my cheeks. When she arrives, the gray and gloomy image of late autumn disappears before my eyes. Everything around me becomes beautiful and clean and there is a strange peace everywhere.


The view from my window looks like the most beautiful postcard with winter motifs.

I look out the window and see snowflakes shining in the light of the street lamps. The bare branches were given a nice white suit. The grass is covered with a white blanket, it looks like the most beautiful white carpet. It reminds me of cotton candy. Everything is white, the roofs of the houses seem to have got white caps. The green trees from my park have beautiful white fur coats.

People are walking on the white blanket and there is a slight smile on their faces. It seems as if the snow managed to awaken in them the childhood they lost while growing up. Everything is somehow unreal, beautiful as in a fairy tale. So softly fluffy and gentle.

The view from my window is so wonderful that I forgot for a moment that I was in my warm room. It's like I'm in an unreal world.


Late autumn is full of bleach. Everything is as beautiful as a postcard.

In the parks, children play, hang out and make Sneško Belić. Everything reminds me of a meeting in winter. The bare trees got their white coats. The grass got its white blanket, and the trees got nice fur coats. The snow on our streets reminds me of cotton candy. Grandparents walk the white streets, and their memories remind them of their youth. The houses got new white hats. Snowflakes touch our cold, red noses.

As I walked on the white blanket for a moment I had the feeling that I was in some white fairy tale and going to meet winter.

5-Composition about winter

The painter Zima arrived in my city. They snuck in gently and enchanted everyone.

She took a large paintbrush and painted the whole city white. She painted white hats with some red polka dots on the roofs of houses and buildings. She painted beautiful white fur coats with Christmas trees, streaked with dark green. She used the most white paint for the parks, so the parks look like big clouds. For the streets, she mixed white and gray. There are red, blue and yellow cars in the parking lots. The painter Zima painted them white. On the car windows she painted delicate snowflakes and silver castles from some ice fairy tale.

How beautifully she painted our city. Zima is a real painter.

6-December days

When December arrives and the cold December days dawn, we know that winter is one step away from us and that soon the autumn gray of our city will be replaced by its endless whiteness. The old year is coming to an end and a new one is approaching, full of joy and holiday magic.

Every year, December delights us with the first snowflakes. As the silent ones slide down from the heavenly heights, they gently flutter in the air and turn like ballerinas. Carried by the wind, they fall on the roofs of houses, cover parks, streets and yards, and weave white lace on the windows of children's rooms. With their mischievous play, they cause a smile on children's faces and invite them to go outside, to play together. December days are the days when nature begins to slowly sink into its deep winter sleep. The chirping of birds is not heard, because the migrants went to the south a long time ago, and the sparrows hid in their small nests, frightened by the winter and the cold it brings. As nature goes to sleep, the chimneys wake up. From them, high smoke rises high towards the sky when the wind disperses, throwing gentle white snowflakes on it. Although there is no cheerful chirping of birds and the cold is squeezing everything around you, the December days are full of joy. The winter silence was broken by the roar of children and the creak of wooden sledges. Dressed in warm clothes, boys and girls run across the white blanket with a smile on their faces. They are not bothered by frost and cold. As the snowflakes gently cling to their rosy faces and the snow splashes under their fast feet, they enjoy the beauty of that December day. Some of them will also enjoy the beauty of the December night as they walk the streets of the city, which are adorned with a multitude of lamps and New Year's decorations glowing in the dark.

In the days of December, when the first snow falls, the gentle snowflakes with their crystal shine drive away the grayness of late autumn and everything around us shines with an endless glow. Trees dressed in white clothes, lawns covered with white carpet and ornate streets remind us that winter is coming, and with it the New Year and New Year's gifts that the December days give us on their departure.

I still remember today when I was named the best student in composing a band.

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Written by   30
1 week ago
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Winter is always a fascinating season for me. You explained it so well. I don't like the period of late autumn. We must be helpful to the people who are suffering from winters.

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