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25/02 What Happen Yesterday?

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Topics: History

President Marcos was ousted

February 25, 1986

Fourth day of the People Power Revolution. The Filipino people seem to be divided into two. For the first time, two presidential rivals were sworn in. While millions of Filipinos are calling for the resignation of President Ferdinand Marcos along EDSA, thousands of supporters of President Marcos are flocking to the Malacanang Palace. At around 7 a.m., they witnessed the swearing in of the post of President of the Philippines. The Marcos family thanked them for their tireless support of his administration.

Corazon Aquino's supporters, on the other hand, gathered at the Club Filipino in the city of San Juan, and in the presence of Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Claudio Teehankee, Mrs. Aquino was sworn in as President. There are many supporters of the Aquinos in Club Filipino, singing the song "Bayan Ko", which celebrates the inauguration of Corazon Aquino as President of the country.

Hours after President Marcos 'inauguration ceremony in Malacanang, soldiers surrounded the perimeter of the palace to block any protesters' attack. That same afternoon, hundreds of people marched to Malacanang from Mendiola, almost in a riot if a priest had not intervened to warn them not to fire. Hours after President Marcos was sworn in, he and his family prepared to leave the palace. President Ronald Reagan even called on President Aquino, who asked for the former First Family to be relocated to Ilocos Norte first, but President Aquino refused.

From Malacanang, President Marcos, his wife and children, some cronies and General Fabian Ver boarded an American plane at dawn to Clark Air Base in Pampanga. From there they were flown to Guam and to Honolulu, Hawaii. When the celebrants learned that the Marcoses had left Malacanang, they rushed to the palace and found the abandoned but luxurious palace, which had not been seen by the people for decades. Finally, the Filipino people on that day ended President Marcos' 20-year regime.

The international media and news agencies congratulated us on this extraordinary event in our country. For the first time, the Philippines impressed the whole world with the unity shown by the Filipinos that they would remove from their hands the leader who had ruled them for a long time. With the departure of the Marcoses, many are hoping for the light of hope that their newly installed leadership will bring in the person of President Corazon Aquino.

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev Speaks Out Against Jospeh Stalin

February 25, 1956

During the regime of Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev was a political commissar who led the Soviet campaign in Stalingrad and was close to Stalin's ally and party. When Stalin died in March 1953, after a long struggle with the dictator's cabinet, Gregory Malenkov was first appointed as Stalin's successor, until Khrushchev was elected as the next Premier of the Soviet Union.

In 1956 today, Khrushchev gave a controversial speech in front of more than 1,500 delegates to the congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and thousands of other guests. In this speech, called "On the Cult of Personality and its Consequence", they heard Khrushchev criticize and criticize his former bossing. Khrushchev destroyed Stalin's cult of personality, where people had to praise and honor such Premier, and give validation to Stalin's images in almost every place, especially in the media.

Khrushchev also criticized the impact of Stalin's cult of personality, as well as the torture and execution of those suspected of opposing his authority simply because of false accusations, especially during the Great Purge, from members of communist parties, soldiers and generals to ordinary citizens. Many of them otherwise killed were imprisoned in forced labor camps in Siberia. Khrushchev also criticized Stalin's mistakes in his foreign policy policies, especially in his dealings with Nazi Germany that led to Germany's assassination of the Soviet Union. Khrushchev also did not miss his cruel policy on agriculture and industrialization in the Soviet Union, which also resulted in the deaths of thousands of Russians due to extreme hunger and government killing them for little reason.

For four hours, those who attended the congress heard only criticism and taunts from his former boss, who could not believe and were shocked by what a high-ranking communist party official revealed to the late dictator. Many were convinced that a major step in free press in the Soviet Union was to criticize Stalin, who for decades Stalin's regime was almost beyond the reach of the common people. Novelist and anti-Stalin government Alexander Solzhenitsyn also praised Khrushchev's action.

One month ago, the Soviet Union congress announced the abolition of mythological forms and the justification of the deceased dictator. Stalin's statues were removed from all cities, as his body was removed from Lenin's museum in Red Square, and Stalin's names were removed from the names of cities, including the historic Stalingrad which was replaced by name Volgograd. Stalin's prisoners were also released from the Gulag. In 1961 Stalin's memory was repeated, until his term ended in 1964.

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Written by   8
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Topics: History
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