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1 month ago

In this series, I assume the role of a reader instead of a writer, discussing articles by other writers... things I recommend.

It's only a few days since I posted Suggested Reading 26, but before that, there was a long break; I had too many posts to suggest for only one issue. The rest are coming here, together with a few new ones.

We do not know the outcome of scientific and technological advances. But we do know that everyday fiction mixes with reality.

Who knows if the singularity is already among us!”

This (above) is quoted from the most recent article by @Jnavedan - LaMDA. To be or not to be?

@Bjorn published a thought-provoking article, Defying Age, where he speculates about how it would be to stop ageing – grow very old but still look young. It's easy to wish for that, but perhaps it is not entirely without difficult consequences.

Age is just a series of numbers, everyone has their own shining time, claims @Konin

New member @nimrakhan says Change yourself for a change in life - and @esmeesmith explains that Everything Compounds in Life, Money & Relationship.

@Malikbrothers786 gives us Tricks to improve our memorization power!

If you like history and mythology, you just have to read @beyourself - who regularly writes about these topics. For a full list of his articles, visit his profile; I can only give some examples here: Prometheus:The Fire Bringer, Pegasus-Winged Horse of Greek Mythology, and The Wrath of Achilles.

@Humanpsychology wrote several good articles about selected artists from history, but became silent a month ago. I hope this author returns, his material was of a very high quality. His most recent posts were: Salvador Dali (1904-1989), Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velazquez (1599-1660), Vincent Van Gogh (1953-1890), Donatello (1386-1466), and Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov.

(When I had finished writing this post, but before I published it, I saw that @Humanpsychology had indeed returned meanwhile. He/she posted Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov (1865-1911).)

@BettyRB also sometimes writes about history. Some recent examples: The Temple of Edfu, a magnificent and symbolic site, The secret that keeps the largest pyramid in Egypt inside, and History of Oya, the museum that has its history written in stones! I would also like to recommend Wisteria tree that is 144 years old and The world's largest wooden xylophone! by the same author.

A Faithful Genius! - The Man Who Knew Infinity by @foryoubtc09 discusses Ramanujan, one of the most remarkable geniuses in human history. I, too, once wrote about him in Taxicab Numbers & The Hardy-Ramanujan Number.

@Xaverius_zach wrote about The history of the keyboard and its development – and @Kristofferquincy told us about the Scariest Japanese Urban Legends and Filipino Mythology Water Creatures.

@Immaculata excellently relates African folktales in a series of articles. I would call some of them fables: Folk tale: Animal kingdom, Folktale:why the tortoise shell looks cracked, Why do bats come out only at night, Elephant and the turtle, Folktales: disadvantage of greediness... This list is not exhaustive, visit the author's profile for more folktales.

@Trifecta wrote about Folklore characters from the Caribbean and Strange superstitions in the Caribbean.

One of the most mysterious and mythical cities in the Philippines is the Biringan city found in Samar.“

That's the beginning of a post by @Sydney2 : The Lost City of Biringan, Samar.

Do you feel for some travelling? @CoinWall presents 6 Most Beautiful Cities in France That Should Be on Your Bucket List; @Jelena brings us on A visit to Salzburg, Mozart's hometown; and @foryoubtc09 shows us Azmak River in Akyaka. Or why not go to sea? @Ezelazra3 gives us Hidden Paradise Forest in the Ocean.

@dark_spirit666 shows us Five traditional Indonesian weapons; and @SocialSatoshi made an observation: These Countries Have Similar Flags.

My loyal readers know that I like good quotes; I have previously published some small collections of quotes and proverbs – naturally, I am reading others' collections as well. @Tomi-Ajax decided to display his quotes in Sharing my quotes; and @tpkidkai presents 4 Life-Changing Quotes from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho that can help you be inspired. Incidentally, I certainly recommend this book, “The Alchemist”, it is full of wisdom.

A Word Is Just Not A Word claims @Venvie - @Shani59 writes about Reading Books – and @McJulez claims that Reading And Writing Do Not Get Old.

@zheanders describes how to Grow As A Writer - @justanny explains how to build suspense in Beginners Guide: How to build Suspense in Your Story – and @frdchckn lists Health Benefits of Writing.

Finally, some fiction:

Never To Return by @Olasquare

A Story of the King and 4 Wives by @Codename_Chikakiku

Artificial... Intelligence? by @Ozzyy

Read the whole series, ”Suggested Reading” and my series “Retrospection”.

In my INDEX, you can find all my writings on Read.Cash, sorted by topic.

Copyright © 2022 Meleonymica/Mictorrani. All Rights Reserved.

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Written by   664
1 month ago
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Since I came to read cash, you are the one that I like the most and put the most effort into. You have extraordinary research and interest. Not everyone can do this. let me be clear, I can't do that much either :) you are very different and Iam very honored because you see me as secular here. Thank you

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1 month ago

Thank you for your kind words! I am flattered indeed.

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1 month ago

Oh Mictorrani, you are such a darling. I have been looking for how I can have a catalog of history and fictional writings and you just made my day especially with that of @beyourself cos I love Greek mythology so such. Thanks once again friend 👍

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1 month ago

You are very kind, I am pleased :)

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1 month ago

Nope you are! Thanks for taking your time to write such wonderful Greek mythologies

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1 month ago

You inserted a lot of links here. What an effort! I read some of these articles and stories.

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1 month ago

All this suggested read might be enough for this week. I would check everything out.

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1 month ago