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My Communities - Invitation, Rules & Updates

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1 year ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)

This post has been replaced with My Communities & Their Rules.

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What a pity coffee will be closed. I think it's possible to write good content about that subject. I am updated and joined some more. This will probably for the good read. Good you mentioned that communities are for readers too. Here we do have a huge lack for readers for sure. 🍀👍💕

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1 year ago

Well, a lot of people write about coffee, but it is almost never anything interesting. They say that they drink it in the morning or something like that. I wrote my four articles and have not more to say about it after that. The community had only one article beside my four and there was no tendency to get anything more. With these new rules, there was no incentive to keep it.

Yes, I have always claimed that the dominant problem for a platform like this is to find readers, also readers who are not writers. Someone finding this site but are only reading, will not open an account, get BCH, etc, just to donate some cents to authors. It's just unrealistic to think that. They can just read anyway and leave again. So, with few exceptions, this is like a place where everyone talks but nobody listens.

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1 year ago