The very north of my thoughts

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2 months ago

Today I am going to talk to you about what is more to the north of my thoughts and it occurred to me to explore the idea of ​​all my thoughts and everything I feel in the most difficult moments of life.

I start to reflect on those moments when I was full of doubts, for example with the event that happened to me recently, last year of not being able to walk. All the doubts I had, I started to jump, thoughts, if I was going to die, if I was going to die being alone in my house for not being able to walk, and not being able to wake up, I was very afraid, I suffered a lot of fear, I jumped the doubt if this was going to last all my life and if I was not going to be able to walk again, never again and in reality, I had a series of complicated and quite difficult emotions. I must say that I even considered the idea of ​​suicide because in order not to be able to walk within my anguish, I thought about it.

I had to face many challenges which I will talk to you about in another publication that I have planned to start doing today after I finish writing this and I had to be very faithful to my principles of being provided to move forward.

The truth is I did not want to do anything, I was very depressed, I was on the ground and I thought that there is always an exit, there is always an opportunity, but above all, you know what I thought in the north of my thoughts, there was always the idea that I am a strong person, that I am hard that I am stronger than the titan, and I thought that I had to get out of this and that I had to be faithful to my thoughts, and the idea of ​​being better than my father who made me suffer so much, was what encouraged me to stay alive and to stay faithful to that idea of ​​going forward, of staying alive, so that's what made me be resilient and be able to face this challenge which was very difficult.

With all this, I want to tell you that you must be faithful to what is in the north of your thoughts, to what it gives you, to what is positive, to what is going to make you grow, always try to see the good side of things, avoid as much as possible the toxicity and negative thoughts, all things that are morbid or deformed will not bring you thoughts of progress, or ideas that make you move forward, and get away from the banal.

Believe me that that is not going to bring you anything good, the banal, the morbidity the gossip of the bad that happened to the neighbor, or the neighbor that is not going to take us anywhere my friends.

From my own life experience, I must tell you that it is not worth it, it is not worth finding out about gossip or laughing that someone fell or that someone is suffering, it is a low and bad feeling and it will not take you to anything always stay faithful to all positive feelings, and you will be able to overcome all the difficulties as I did.

I think that is the best morality I can leave you and the best you can have of every human being.

So always stay north of your thoughts and you will be able to move forward.

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2 months ago