The traumatic experience that changed my life: Part II

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This is the computer that was the reason i went throuh all this traumatic experience. Photo taken with my phone KRIP 4b

Here I bring you the second part of my traumatic experience that left me without walking for six months, with my legs paralyzed.

This is the continuation as promised, the link to the first part is hereĀ  in case you want to go visit and find out which was what happened to me so that you have the context of everything that I am writing below.

In the first part, we stayed in the story when the taxi driver brought me here at the door of the building where I live, I was quite anguished, I was telling the taxi driver, the man who brought me to the door of the place where I live, that I was very anguished getting out of the vehicle, and he was very kind, a man like from 45 years old, more or less contemporary with my age, he told me not to worry that he was going to help me and well indeed, since I got in the front of the vehicle, which was also quite uncomfortable for me because I wanted to go in the back to be able to hold me better when getting off, it was more comfortable for me, but the taxi driver insisted that I should sit in the front, so I moved the seat back a bit, however, it was very uncomfortable, the luck of this was that the journey from the subway station to the building where I live is a journey of about two or three minutes, it is short, that is, the distance is about four blocks approximately, so, well, it was fast.

Total that he brought me to the door of the building and at that moment I did not have a key to the main door but rather I entered through a door that is on the side of the building, so, well, he opened the car door for me and I told him "please can you help me walk these 10 meters or 20 meters to the entrance of the pharmacy that there is already a wall there, I can sit there to rest my legs", and well then go up or ask someone to help me go up to my home.

The taxi driver closed the vehicle for a moment and patiently grabbed me, I held on, I put my hand around his shoulders, and with great patience, which I am very grateful for, he led me walking, with my left hand trying to hold on to a little wall that was to my left, I went up the steps that lead to the pharmacy with great difficulty, and I managed to sit on the wall in front of the pharmacy and a delicatessen here. He also did me the favor of carrying the bag that I was carrying, which is another thing I know I forgot to tell you, during this entire journey I was carrying a small bag because that was where I was going to put the computer that I was supposed to buy and well nothing I sat in front of the delicatessen waiting for my legs to respond, but nothing, the pain was increasing and the anguish was also increasing, at least I was at home, certainly, but I still had to go a long way complicated, because I had to get into the back of the building to open one, two, three doors, ok in the situation I was in I couldn't keep my balance.

Ok I had to hold on to the wall or something, so I had to walk about 40 meters to the first door in the back to open it, and then go to what is the lobby of the building and then get into the elevator and it came The worst part because the worst part was that the elevator leaves me one floor above where I live because the elevator that goes to my floor has been damaged for many years, so I had to take the elevator to the floor that left me. at the top and I had to go down the stairs because that was the complicated part and since I couldn't walk, the risk of me falling down the stairs was tremendous.

So I waited for about an hour for the swelling in my legs to go down and nothing, I asked one of the girls for help who is in the delicatessen who knows me look please help me take off my shoes because I couldn't bend over in so much pain, I was very ashamed not to be able to do it because I felt useless, I take off my shoes, I take off my stockings and my ankles and feet were tremendously swollen, that is, my legs were purple, so time passed, about two hours passed, while I was there, I could see that I was trying to stand up and nothing, it hurt a lot, I couldn't walk, I couldn't keep my balance, I lay down on the floor to see if the circulation improved, but nothing. Until, well, a lady who is like my second mother happened, she is not my biological mother, but she is the one who helped me and collaborated when my parents died, she accompanied me throughout the process of obtaining the death certificate, going to the coroner, after declaring the death of my relatives, he was always with me, an 82-year-old lady named Niquelina and well nothing she saw that her feet were swollen.

That's when a neighbor came over to see what was wrong with me and well, the owner of the pharmacy, who is a young boy, I asked him for a favor, look, please lend me something, a cane or something so I can move to my house because I can't I can walk and Niquelina is an old lady and she won't be strong enough to carry me.

Well, he lent me a fairly strong wooden chair and then placing the chair in front of me with the back of the chair facing me and the chair as if it were someone to sit on as if I were putting the chair for another person to sit on, leaning on the chair I was moving, and Mrs. Niquelina behind me carrying the bag and opening the door.

This is the chair i use to move around, I would put myself in the part that is attached to the wall and I would hold on to the knobs of the chair, using it as if it were a walker. Photo taken with my KRIP 4b phone.

Little by little, I made this journey of 40 meters from this entrance to the delicatessen to the first door in 25 minutes, limping, almost dragging myself more than moving and with the fear of falling, it was quite terrible and traumatic. There was a slightly high step from the back to the lobby and with great fear, I overcame it and put the chair and managed to get to the elevator.

In the elevator, well, obviously I put the chair and sat in it while the elevator went up, all this with my feet completely bare because I couldn't put on my shoes, thanks to Niquelina who took all my things, the bag with the shoes, we put the
shoes inside and all that and well, getting to the top floor of my apartment, this one, I stopped and with the chair I went out of the elevator until I reached the stairs and here the only way really because I was not going to be able to go down with the chair, because It was very risky, that is, it seemed too dangerous to me because there was going to be a great risk that I would break my neck, fall down the stairs and with the weight that I have, that I am obese, because it was a great risk and there were none of the Neighbors at that time in their houses (or they didn't want to help me) because they were all working, so they would help me and help me down the stairs.

These are the stairs I had to go down face down

So what I immediately thought was to do like children and like little women, quite embarrassing for me really, I'm ashamed to say this, but I had to sit face down on the floor and crawl on my back, face down each one of the steps It was that I managed to go down each of the steps because I couldn't do it standing up, that is, I would drag myself down a step face down and so on until I reached the floor below.

Once on the ground floor I held on to the steel stair pole and again Mrs. Niquelina put the chair in front of me and that's how I managed to get to the part of my apartment, I opened the gate, the door and well now I was in house.

This is te steel post i had to hold on to, note how steep the star

Once here at home, the other process began, I went straight to bed, Mrs. Niquelina helped me undress because I couldn't undress without help, she had to see me naked, which made me very ashamed...I lay down on the bed and I had to talk to her, I told her: Look, I need you to help me because I don't know how I'm going to do it, at least until I can walk, I'm going to ask you to help me and I, well, I'm going to collaborate with you with some money, the money I'm going to give you the rent that comes in through the parking space, which isn't much, but it's $20 a month to you, so that you can help yourself with that in gratitude for this favor that you are doing me.

So she said yes, that as long as she could she was going to do it (I already suspected that she was going to put up an obstacle, most people act like that, it's human nature), but she is an 82-year-old woman and well This lady had to come to my house every day*.

She was in charge of making food for me because I couldn't cook myself, and of cleaning the bathroom. After all, obviously, I had to do the necessities in the bathroom and there is a problem that I don't know if you know, that here where I live the water, the drinking water service does not work stably. so they put the water only once a day and at night so that once a day I had to go to the kitchen because the pipes and pipes in my bathroom are damaged, it is another of the difficulties that I have, that the income is not enough to be able to repair the pipes, it is something extremely expensive and what I earn here making posts is not enough to be able to repair that, because it was the repairs of the pipes in the bathroom, the toilet, the shower I also have it damaged and the kitchen, the sink that is damaged is also around 200 dollars and they do not give me the income to be able to repair that. I would like to be able to earn more, but, well, this is the life that touched me... what can I tell you. The issue is that you have to refill the water in containers from the kitchen to the bathroom and this is an 82-year-old woman, do you realize how complicated the situation is?, and I couldn't do what I normally did, every day at night and then the lady came every day at five in the afternoon to bring me food, imagine how complicated and distressing all this was that I suffered during that first month that she was helping me.

I'm going to tell you now because I had to wait until 5 or 6 in the afternoon for her to come so she could bring me food and pour water in the bathroom and this is the container with urine that I had here in my room because I had that had a bucket here by my side, that I couldn't even stop to go to the bathroom to relieve myself, I had to do them here in a bucket as if I were in jail my friends as if I were in a jail!, but, This is pure survival and well, before you ask, for those who are just reading this publication and have not read the previous one, I have no family, no wife, no children, that is, I do have a family, but my family They ignored me many years ago, they are living in the US and other places around the world and even though I have contact with them, I know where they are, through social networks I have written to them repeatedly and they have ignored me, They don't answer me, so I can't count on them. I've seen it on more than one occasion, and I don't have children or relatives or friends so they can help me, the one who helped me was this lady I'm mentioning.

Overall, dear friends, what happened is that she made me food, washed the entire bathroom, refilled the water in containers, all of this until a point came, a month later, when she said she couldn't take it anymore, I know she felt very badly, that her bones were aching and that she could help me up to that point because I really wasn't getting better and then my martyrdom began here and my biggest nervous breakdown, not being able to get up to do my things and prepare my food and especially being able to go out and buy food because it will be another thing that worried me.

And there was also another major anguish, in addition to this problem of not being able to walk, it was how to generate income now because if you remember I didn't have a computer to work, the only thing I had was my cell phone and then I remember that I made a post on Facebook about My friend Alejandro Hidalgo, who is a famous Venezuelan film director, is the director of "The house at the end of time" because my situation was very bad, very depressed, he came to help on this occasion.

It is the first Venezuelan horror film and also the director of his most recent film, "The Exorcism of God", both of which have been successful in several countries. I can also say that I have the luxury of having a close friend who attended the delivery of the Oscars because he has been invited.

Image credit:

image credit:

He asked me, and he came to me through Facebook and talked to him through WhatsApp about this whole situation of what was happening to me and he saw me very depressed and I told him to come on Alejandro I want to die, I don't want to live to keep living like this, imagine your friend now I can not walk!. I have known Alejandro in person for many years, he is a close personal friend, and well he told me I am going to help you, don't worry, he encouraged me, he motivated me, he is a great motivator, he encourages many people to make movies and it's a great person, a great boy and well I have the opportunity to meet him, he told me to look, I'm going to help you with 100 dollars and that it will help you buy food, to stabilize yourself and I answered him: look, Alejandro, what I have to do It's buying a computer to be able to continue working, I can't stop, because my computer broke down and working from the phone is not an alternative, it's very difficult for me and well that's what I did. He deposited the money through his mother because he lives in Los Angeles, he was not here in Venezuela at the time, he called me, and we had an audio call for more than an hour on WhatsApp, we were talking, and the mother transferred me the money, the 100 dollars and with those 100 dollars I was able to immediately mobilize myself and I bought the computer that I have, with which I am currently working and make these publications.

I bought the computer through a marketplace publication from a company called orange market, the computer was on sale for 90-something dollars, 94 dollars I think it cost me and I sent it to order, why did it have to be something special? they brought me the computer because I couldn't go get it in this situation, do you see how complicated of everything?, and I was immobilized, I couldn't even go downstairs to pick up the computer if I managed to get it brought to me and well I would have to cover the delivery costs (I remind you that I only had 100 dollars, and I was supposed to I had to save a part to buy food, which as you can see was impossible) that had me in my head, super distressed and super worried about this whole matter and the point is that speaking with a neighbor who came to see me, she sympathized with me and she did me the favor of going down to receive the computer with Mrs. Niquelina when they brought it to me, and an elderly woman also brought it to me, about 68 years old, who did me a great favor, her name is Rita, and I thank her very much, she looked for my computer and brought it here and thanks to Alejandro and this person who helped me, I got my computer and I have the opportunity to continue working.

My current computer. Photo taken with my Krip 4b phone

What happened after all this is that I had to install the computer and I had to do all of this while Mrs. Niquelina was not here, I had to give her the keys to my house and all that for her to enter the door of my house It has a special game, that most of them don't know how to open it because it is very difficult because it has a special defect, a special game that I am the only one capable of opening it quickly without damaging it (hacker stuff) and this implied that I had to stand up without being able to walk, going to open the door for her, every time she came, that was a terrible process and every time I had to get up to go to the bathroom or something I had to do it with this chair that they lent me (the one that you saw above in the photo). Sometimes it would cause me to stop to urinate at dawn, and night and it would make an infernal noise because everything was silent and the only thing that could be heard was the noise of the legs of the chair moving on the floor at 2 or 3 am, then The neighbor downstairs complained because how was it possible that I made noise at 2 or 3 in the morning and, well, I had to do it and it wasn't my fault because I was immobilized, I had to apologize very reluctantly because this was not something intentional on my part, and the truth is that I hate that neighbor because she is a horrible person, but I asked her, what can I do? I have to stop to urinate I'm not going to urinate on the bed to not make noise, my health comes first before your peace of mind.

I went through all these arguments, all these bad times, it touched me because I couldn't move, I couldn't stop, I couldn't stand up, I had to roll on the ground with turns on my torso as if I were a crocodile with prey in the water, and rolling over my body, letting myself fall to the floor of my bed, I went from my room to the kitchen and this process took me enormous effort and lasted about 40 minutes.

That's what my friends had to do to survive because I no longer had the help of the lady and I rolled, I crawled like a snake rolling from my room to the kitchen, and in the kitchen, I pushed against the walls and managed to stand up by grabbing myself. at the top of the kitchen and that's how he cooked rice, enduring the immense pain of standingwithout balance.

My kitchen where i had to stand. Under the sink I have to put a bucket to collect the water from the dishes i wash, because the pipe is damaged.

Until I was gaining strength little by little, strength was gradually gaining strength and I began to stop, I began to exercise, I began to walk and I began to be able to move, I asked him favors to neighbors who helped me a lot, another neighbor did me the favor of buying me food so I paid her by mobile payment over the phone, I deposited her and said look please buy me this and this, and she, well with love, one person to whom I have
much love and much respect for having helped me in this difficult situation, he would bring me the food to the door of the house, and the same process: they had to wait for me to get to the door, to put on my pants, and all that, that is, this whole process, every time she came I told her: look, let me know when you are going to come 30 minutes before, because it takes me half an hour to put on my pants and it takes me between putting on my pants and getting to the door of my house to open it for approximately 30 minutes, so before you go up, so you don't have to wait, let me know half an hour before and so I'll get ready to get to the door and all this for you to seeeverything I had to overcome.

Today I can walk, I also want to tell you something else about this process, this is true when I already had about two weeks without walking here at home, almost always lying in bed, the neighbor Rita, who was the one who helped me look for the computer, got out and called some doctors from the mayor's office to come to visit me, and the doctor who came with an assistant, with a nurse, they did a blood glucose test, everything went well, I laughed because I knew it wasn't about sugar since I seldom consume that, they took pictures of my legs that were purple and the doctor alarmed me, she told me that I didn't have salvation, that they were going to amputate my legs, that my legs were rotten because they were purple, but that is due to another condition that I had, an infection in my legs at that time, which has been with me for several years.

It's a circulation problem that I have in my legs, but it's nothing that killed me and this person alarmed me, told me rudely and challenged me in my own house that they were going to amputate my legs, (which made me I got mad and I controlled myself so as not to send her to hell and get her out of my house immediately) that I had to see a doctor urgently.

In total that made my head big and worried me more and what she did was worry me more, that hellish doctor.

And well, what I want to tell you is that I didn't listen to that doctor because I don't know if the doctor did it intending to make me feel anxious and making me react, but I was going to react anyway because I wanted to keep walking, so I don't see the need for that doctor, she in particular has alarmed me, making me anxious and scaring me using this type of psychology that doctors use so that I would move to do things. I got the impression that she thought that I didn't want to do my part and it hurt, it wasn't that I didn't want to move or do my part, but that it hurt and I couldn't move. So I ignored what the doctor said, I started taking some very strong antibiotics that she sent me, they hurt me a lot and I started to have nausea and I stopped them, and I was doing my part as much as I could, I started doing exercises in the bed, raising my legs little by little, exercising lying down, I couldn't sleep well, my legs hurt a lot, my knees hurt a lot, until in a period of about six months I was recovering, recovering power in my legs and I started to stand up, walking, supporting myself with my hands on the walls of my entire home and then very gradually I stopped being able to hold on to the walls, I didn't have to and I began to be able to walk without holding on, I began to be able to get dressed and I reached Today, that I can go out, for approximately two and a half months, I managed to fully recover the strength in my legs and I am able to go out to do my things, buy my food, my normal activities It's what I was used to, so I want this publication to serve as an example and motivation for them to see that if you have a mental attitude and are strong, resilient, you can achieve things.

Of course, we also need the help of people, in this sense I am very grateful to Alejandro, Niquelina, Mrs. Rita who was the one who went down to look for the computer, to all the people who gave me their support and motivation to be able to move forward, and above all who made me feel that I am not alone. There are many things that I still need to improve in life, such as these shortcomings in the pipes that I have covered with the water service and that it is difficult for me, and it is very difficult for me to dedicate myself to paying all the bills, to earning a living working here doing content on this platform and generate what is necessary to be able to live, because currently my income consists of 20 dollars a month, which is from renting a parking space and an additional 20 dollars that I earn here through microblogging social networks, so Of those 40 dollars, approximately 10 to 15 dollars go to pay for the Internet service and the rest goes to pay for services such as electricity, telephone, food, and condominium, so I have practically nothing left. I am for nothing else and by this, I am referring to the fact that it is not enough for me to be able to repair these things and buy other things like clothes, because I have only one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, for more than 4 years, so it is very difficult, believe me, it is very difficult and here in Venezuela for the readers or the people who read this publication from other countries, the prices are excessively high and exaggeratedly expensive, which makes it impossible to have a quality of life.

I hope this publication is useful, you understand the great struggle I have had during these six months, and that my willpower has allowed me to stay on my feet, it has made me very resilient to overcome all these obstacles.

Thank you for reading this content and a hug to you for reading me.

I await your comment and the words you want to say to me, your feedback, the feedback so that you can tell me what you think of all this experience that I have overcome, I have lived, and that I am sharing with you, although I feel very ashamed of many things that happened to me.


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I can't imagine the life you went through during those times Rei :( Reading all of them bleeds my heart. It must have been very tough for you.

But you still managed to find that light in the darkness. I must say, you felt hopeless going through those situations but humanity is alive. Surviving and thriving are understatements for you. Life has brought you so much challenges but still aced.

I salute you for not giving up Rei. You still choose to live and that takes a lot of courage, bravery, and resilience.

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1 month ago

This is just one episode of my life.

I have had hundreds of worse experiences than this, what I want to imply is that when I ask for help it is because I am really screwed and I need it immediately.

I don't like having to depend on other people, I hate that, I don't like having to give explanations when they ask me for things when asking for help, that's extremely uncomfortable, and besides that, I'm very independent, I like to have things when I want and in my own way, and not when someone else wants (or can).

Thank you for your solidarity, I appreciate it very much dear Jeaneth <3

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1 month ago

I understand that feeling of keeping my challenges to myself and not sharing them to anyone because I don't wanna be a burden. However, I realized that I'm not strong enough to handle everything on my own and so I need that support system for me to survive.

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1 month ago

You struggled but never gave up. You survived and asked for help of others. Even though you could have easily thrown in the towel you found ways just to keep living. So much courage and willingness you showed in this period which I can only imagine felt like an eternity. A very trying time that you shared that should serve as motivation for those that may need it to keep breathing no matter what may be thrown at us in life. I appreciate your time doing this and I know it was very uncomfortable for you.

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1 month ago

The feeling of despair at the moment I found myself on the subway was unmatched. Especially because something that I forgot to mention is that the subway station where I was paralyzed is one of the worst, where there are a greater number of events of the type of deaths, accidents and those things. It's like that station had a black cloud of bad luck with it. And well, I'm not superstitious, but when I found out the statistics of that station, I was obviously more anguished haha.

Those 6 months were traumatic for me my friend, that was like having a fish on the hook for 6 months and not being able to get it out of the water. It was completely exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally, today I feel like I aged about 3 years with that episode.

I tried to be strong, reasonable and as logical as possible, and thanks to those strangers (and acquaintances too), who helped me, I was able to overcome this trance. But it was 5 months that I was 95% on my own, fending for myself.

I want with all my heart that with this publication people understand that there is always a solution, there will always be an alternative, one more option to do things, and that no matter how ugly everything is, be brave and don't be afraid to ask help, because the truth is not known when they will receive it.

Thank you very much my good friend for your valuable comment, and for understanding that what I experienced was so terribly difficult for me, and even more so for telling it.

I told Telesfor that I intend to continue writing but in a more general way, about other episodes that I have experienced, I hope that they are of interest, for all these boys and young adults who write in, that they can find alternatives and ways to solve their problems, taking what I have experienced as a reference.

Grateful for reading me, for your support, but above all for your presence, although it may not seem like it to you, it is very important and represents a lot to me, my good friend!

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1 month ago

Thank you for your openness. I learned two things from your story. Firstly, don't lose hope, secondly, have people around you who can and want to help in times of need.

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1 month ago

Recounting this episode was a complete challenge for me, first because exposing everything I felt on that occasion makes me feel very vulnerable and it's something I don't like.

On the other hand, having so many emotions together and having to put them on paper, it turned out to be quite complicated and a titanic job. Here you are only seeing the English version, but this publication is also made in Spanish, so the work I did was double my friend haha.

Having people around me is a huge challenge for me, because I think I haven't mentioned it to you, but I am asperger, so socializing with people is completely challenging for me, this was another aspect that I had to think about how to manage and react quickly in each situation of which I report.

I think I was lucky this time, and everything went well for me, so I can say that I feel lucky.

I felt very afraid, and currently I am terrified that something like this could happen to me again, so I take great care of myself.

I am glad that this life anecdote helps you for your personal growth, because in the end, it is what I pursue with this type of publication, that it be useful to my readers.

As always, it is a pleasure to receive your visit and your valuable support, my friend!

Thank you!.

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1 month ago

I think I haven't mentioned it to you, but I am asperger, so socializing with people is completely challenging for me

I can understand you very well, I am very similar. I have problems especially with strangers, but even the ones I know stress me out after a relatively short time. I like being alone. But I can also have longer, more in-depth conversations with a person when I know them better.

I felt very afraid, and currently I am terrified that something like this could happen to me again, so I take great care of myself.

You absolutely have to take care of yourself. No one else will do it. I am very interested in your life story. I would like to know how you got to this point. If you don't want to make it public for everyone, you can PM me your story in (if you want, of course). I'm a bit older than you and live also alone, but I have an brother and very good children who will certainly help me if I need it.

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1 month ago

I have problems especially with strangers, but even the ones I know stress me out after a relatively short time. I like being alone.

I feel the same way as you, I find loneliness very comforting, pleasant, and to this day it is very annoying for me to live with someone. I enjoy solitude, and just like you, I only talk and communicate with people with whom I feel comfortable, like in this case you, friend.

I am very interested in your life story. I would like to know how you got to this point. If you don't want to make it public for everyone, you can PM me your story in (if you want, of course).

I think I will talk only general aspects of things that have happened to me, this for the reading of those who follow me. And rest assured that in private I will tell you in detail about the long road that brought me here.

Please be patient, because things have been between 30 to 40 years, and I need to put the ideas in order to have a correct approximation of the order in which I should tell you about my experiences.

I'm a bit older than you and live also alone, but I have an brother and very good children who will certainly help me if I need it.

That is a great plus, they can assist you in case of any emergency.

I don't have that, and it's a constant concern for my future 15 to 20 years from now, entering my 70s.

I hope to be able to count on help when I reach those years, with the company of someone who can at least realize that I'm still breathing, or who stops doing so.

In Japan, the government has a social worker who visits the elderly from time to time to make sure they are well and to help them. An initiative that should exist in this country... but hey, that's just a fantasy my friend, totalitarian governments like this one will never take care of that.

I'll be writing a draft of things for the next 2 weeks, and I'll tell you in private how my story developed, I think if you have questions, as I tell you things, you can ask me.

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1 month ago

I don't have that, and it's a constant concern for my future 15 to 20 years from now, entering my 70s.

That is still a long time. Until then, your situation can still improve significantly.

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1 month ago

Well, I hope so, that's why in these times I'm making the most of working together as much as I can, to have those resources available when those times come, my friend.

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1 month ago