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Eradicating many Demons to save the girl # 13 - [retrogaming]

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2 months ago

Hello friends, now the chapter 13 of Yuyu Hakusho Spiritual Detective, a story that keeps getting more and more interesting.

In the previous chapter we had to kill a boss that multiplies by 7, we climbed many stairs inside a castle full of monsters and rivers of lava, but we managed to get out of that one.

In this episode, we are given a new mission: we have to rescue a girl named Yukina from the clutches of a miser who has kidnapped her. We get into it and appear on a new map, with some very ferocious black panthers, some poisonous cobras that attack us, and we had to face several demons.

First, a demon in the form of a giant spider obstructs us, very terrifying, but we use the brute force of Kubawara to eliminate it, then we continue later, and a demon appears that turns cartwheels, a very easy task for our strong man who could with him easily. We went ahead into the forest, and we found another demon with a scythe, and we couldn't hold ourselves, and we turned him to mush.

Then a giant rock demon blocked our way, but we were able to defeat him too.

We advance towards what looks like a house, and again we had to face the laser beams that protected it, this time we used Hiei with his ability to teleport to be able to pass through the lasers easily.

We arrived at the entrance of this castle mansion and as we entered there was a creature that suffered a mutation, a kind of dinosaur that vomited some toxic liquid, and we also defeated it.

Not only that, but we enter another room, and we are warned that we will fight against 3 warriors, the first of them is a girl, who after challenging us, the fight begins.

And up to this point, we leave today's chapter, to be able in the next episode that may be the end, to face the girl and the other two warriors.

Another chapter full of emotions, demons, cobras, giant spiders, toxic dinosaurs, and a female boss who wants to kill us !.

I have enjoyed it a lot and I hope you do too!

5% of the profits generated by this gameplay was sent to @miguelmederico to support him with the difficult situation of covid19 that his mother is facing.

This is a voluntary contribution that I made to support this friend.

You can enjoy the full gameplay here.

It is a very interesting game in which we die and are sent to the spiritual world to fulfill missions and help in the world of the living.

This jewel of retro-gaming for gameboy advance deserves that you give it a try so that you can enjoy many good moments. It offers many challenges and is a very advanced gem for its time.

All the recording, editing, layout, photo retouching, post elaboration and retouching are done on a laptop with 2 GB RAM, Canaima brand red letters. It is a very low-resource computer, running the Lubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system using OBS software to make the recordings and Openshot Video Editor to edit the videos.

I hope you support my effort and you like my work, I will improve it as much as I can, using the resources I have.

That's it and I hope you enjoy it friends, and wish you have a very good time watching to video,so please share it with your friends.

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Written by   174
2 months ago
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Muy interesante y educativo juego por lo menos a mi entender ya que debes morir para asi llegar al mundo de los vivos y ayudar a los nesecitados.

Si en la realidad fuera así que gran fortuna tendríamos. Lindo día bello amigo.

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2 months ago