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My Favorite Romantic Movie

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1 year ago

My Favorite Romantic Movie

It's movie time! 

I hope you are sitting relaxed with your popcorn with you because we are about to see my favorite movie from my favorite genre of movies. 

Oh yeah, am a big fan of Korean movies and I have seen a lot of their movies but there is one I never get tired of and that's the movie titled:

"Boys Over Flowers". 

The movie started with four rich friends called the F4 led by the most richest member Gu Jun Pyo (Starred by Lee Min Ho). They were known as the most handsome and arrogant boys in school, they were so rich that they didn't attend the same class with their mates in the most richest school. They bullied students almost all the time they were in school and nobody could stand against them. 

Their act continued until they met a girl called Jandi (Starred by ). Jandi was a girl from a poor background who was opportune to study in the richest school and she met the handsome and arrogant four. To everyone's surprise, Jandi was the first fearless person who stood up against the F4. On their first encounter, Jandi poured ice cream all over Gu Jun Pyo when he asked her to lick his shoes with her mouth. Her fearless act made Gu Jun Pyo fall head over heels with her but he couldn't let it show as he continued to find ways to make her life in school more miserable for her. 

Jandi remained strong even with his bullies all thanks to one of the F4 who also fell in love with her, he was a musician who was able to make Jandi fall for him because of his music and calm nature. 

Gu Jun Pyo found out about their little romance and he became so jealous. He decided to make Jandi fall for him no matter what, he announced to the whole school that Jandi was his girlfriend and he stopped bullying students. Gu Jun Pyo became a regular and humble student all because of Jandi. Jandi realized she had been in love with him and she accepted his love. 

Just when their love began, Gu Jun Pyo's Parents separated them by sending Jandi to a far away place all because they felt she was too poor for their son. Gu Jun Pyo was heartbroken and shattered, his love for Jandi only grew stronger even when they were separated. 

In a bid to find his love Jandi, Gu Jun Pyo had an accident and lost his memory. Jandi heard the news and visited him only to find out that he could remember every other person except her. Jandi became heartbroken but determined to make him remember her. 

At a party, Jandi wore a necklace he had given to her in the past and she fell into a swimming pool (all to trigger his memory about a past event) and Gu Jun Pyo got his memory back. He apologized for forgetting her and they both got married. 

This is just a summary of the movie, there are also love story between the other F4 members. You should get the full movie and watch it. It has so much romance and comedy in it.




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Written by   4
1 year ago
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