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Before Bedtime - My Night Rituals

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2 months ago

Honestly, I didn't realize that I have some rituals before going bedtime. I had thought my nights do come on different from the other since I never really plan how my night will go and just do whatever till sleep comes.

But I found out I do have some rituals after all, and they amaze me to think that I do follow them almost perfectly every night... Yeah, not perfectly but they are a routine.

Before going to bed, there are a few things I do and those things determine my good sleep and my better next day so I don't miss it.

My Before Bedtime Rituals

I make sure to take my bath and also brush my teeth in the bathroom to calm myself from all the busy work of that day. Sometimes I even go as far as taking a hot bath for more relaxation during cold season and a very cold bath during hot season.

My night bath is usually longer than my day's bath because I feel more dirty in the evenings after walking through the scorching sun or doing some hard work outside my home than in the mornings when I just only woke up from my own bed so I take my bath differently on those two occasions.

Feeling relaxed, I take my phone to chat on WhatsApp. I'm in so many groups in my WhatsApp so I check them out for any update I want to catch up with. Not that I don't check WhatsApp during the day, but it's a ritual I must do before bedtime.

Checking WhatsApp status is also a very fun thing I do before bedtime. I would always have a good laugh when I do so it kinda makes my night to be more relaxed and beautiful.

One important ritual I also carry out is preparing a post for the next day to avoid rush hours or skipping a day without posting. I started the ritual recently and it has been of a really great help for me.

Surprisingly, I get the inspiration to write something when I'm on my bed and about to sleep (a very relaxed state). So I prepare a post, proof read it once, add images if need be then save it to my draft to be submitted the next day.

After that, I plan my next day. It's a ritual I've been practicing to master because I realized I waste some of my time on things not worth it so I plan to see those things that are not important and focus on the most important for my day.

Yeah, I write my plans down on my phone, add the time I wish to do them and read them over again to remind my mind of it. This is a ritual that is part of what decides my next day after God's decision.

Lastly, I say my prayers to my creator for his guidance through the day and ask for his guidance through the night then I pray to Him to help me carry out my next day's plan according to His own will.

The prayer is very last thing I do as I feel it's a conclusion to my day and a permission for a new day as I would never know what a new day hold for me but with prayers, I can confidently sleep and hope that He gives me another chance by waking me up.

So that is all for my night rituals and I believe these has helped me grow in so many ways and still helping me grow. Following a routine is something I never thought I could do but unconsciously I follow some rituals until I added a few to make my night better and my next day even better.

But you might want to note that I may change some things I do routinely if I have to, I don't like sticking to doing same thing every time if it's not giving me good results. For now though, these rituals are just perfect.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Written by   16
2 months ago
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We almost have the same rituals. I have a lot of things bothering on my system, so I'll write it down to form an article. It will be published for the upcoming few days, so I need to assure that everything will be okay. Anyway, I've been writing also my plans during the night before I sleep as it's beneficial for me to allocate the priorities I should do.

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2 months ago

Wow that's good, I'll look forward to your article then

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2 months ago