Night, sigh..

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3 years ago

How was your day? Did it go well? I hope your day was just fine, just as fine as the way you liked to. Mine was fine, not totally fine.. but still blessed, i can still call it a day.

Now I'm laying on my bed, still wandering of what will going to happen tomorrow and the next few days, weeks and months. I feel like everything that is happening is like a dream, too much chaos and downfalls. When will this going to end? Are we still going to experiece what we had before? Are we still able to heal from all of this?

Too many questions but no definite answers. I just always pray that may God bless and protect each of us and all of our loved ones. For now, lets just be thankful that we're still alive and safe.

Have a blessed night!

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Mine was fine. Not perfect, no extraordinary event. Problems are still here. But I still look forward for tomorrow.. I still hope tomorrow is going to be better. 😊

How about yours sis? seriously haha pm is da key haha

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3 years ago