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What number 7 got me in life.

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3 months ago
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Good day to you all

I had been anticipating this quiz competition for years in the past, it was a competition that is always organized every two years. So when it’s gone it takes a lot a long time to witness another one.

Just like the football World Cup that takes place at international football fields thereby, they would be the ones to host everyone who would take place in the football club. The players, the coaches, and the spectators.

Another year came around again and we got announcements through various channels, through social media, and even billboards, banners, and fliers. I was so happy to be a witness to another season of the quiz competition.


On the 3rd of November 2012, it was announced that there would be a quiz competition for Islamic schools and individuals who wished to participate. I got home and told my day I would love to be a participant, he promised me he would get back to me with the form fee before the closing date.

I was so happy and would always daydream about how the competition would be, looking forward to that great day to come.

Countdown to two weeks, gradually the date is coming to reality, many Arabic schools are getting themselves prepared for the competition, students are keeping practicing and reading ahead of the day.

I got home and reminded dad about the payment but he said he couldn’t afford it at the moment. I was a bit disappointed. But I had no other option than to keep looking forward to better days.

The competition day came but I was a bit shy because I couldn’t make my payment before the deadline. I already boasted that I would be a participant 😂, so I had to stay low on that day while they called my friends.

But after the event began I sneaked in and found my way to the back seat. Luckily a contestant failed to answer one of the questions and the question was thrown to the audience. I stood up to answer it and my answer was correct so I was awarded a little gift. I became so happy that every day because I never thought I could even go home with anything.

When I got home, I showed dad my gift and told him to promise me he would pay for the next competition. He accepted my request and promised I would participate.

I became the happiest man on earth on that very day.

Fast forward to the D-Day

The 18th of October 2014, was another day for the competition. I got myself a well-ironed dress and a new white net cap. I was so happy to be a participant. All thanks to God for sparing my life and thanks to dad for fulfilling his promise and making my dreams come true. I was so happy.

I already made my payment two weeks ahead of the event and was rest assured I would participate. I read books and also consulted google for some possible questions and answers, I got myself familiar with them and waited for the day to come.

I got to the event center as early as possible, then in no time the judges and many other special guests were present. We had to go on four rounds, the group stage, quarter-final, semi-final, and the final.

It was my turn to pick a number from the questions, I picked number 7, I got the answers correctly. The. In another round of questions, I picked number 7 again.. then the crowns had started to wonder why I would always love to pick seven. 😆 but I was getting more interest in the number 7.

To the quarter-final. I had in mind to pick number 7, but the contestant next to me already picked it. Maybe she did it intentionally or not I can’t say. She was unable to answer the question 😂. I was scared of the number I would pick. When it was my turn then I picked number 17 😂 😆. At least it had a seven in it.

I got qualified for the semi-finals, I just hope you guys could see the happiness running through me. 😂 I tried not to pick number 7 again intentionally, but when they asked me to pick a number I chose number 7 again and got the answer correctly. Then the crowd began to cheer at me. I felt motivated

Gradually I got to the final level and wasn’t asked to pick any number. We were given random questions. I failed the first round but passed the last two questions but the other contestant could only answer one of the three questions. I emerged the winner of a quiz competition and was awarded for a good job 👏…

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Have a nice day.

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Written by   55
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Experiences, Writing, Story, Blog, ...
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