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Centralized financial system VS Decentralized financial system.

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1 month ago

Hi, read stars ✨!

How are you all doing today? Hope we are all having a nice time and a Funday for today being Monday again 😂. Anyways it’s a choice for us to make either we make it a Funday or a Mornday.. Don’t mind me hahaha 😝.

Today was another stressful Monday for me again. Waking today to get to the bank as early as possible so I can beat up the long queue, we have to make it before getting access to the bank services. I left home as early as 8:00 am and the bank opened at that time. I got there and still met some people in the queue already but not that long, so I decided to join and wait patiently till it’s my turn.

Yeah, I already got my card for transactions and withdrawals but I have been trying to link it up with my older account but still not working out. I tried using my internet banking and mobile app too, spoke with the customer care service, yet no positive changes. That was one thing that took me down to the bank.

The queue moved quite faster than I expected and I got in the bank to see the customer service attendant. Then before I got to her one of the interns in the bank asked about what my issues are. Then I explained to her that I need to activate my account and change my card pin. Her response was that I need to get my national identity card, house rent receipt, or nepa bill, then my passport photograph.

I never expected them to request anything as such from me since I wanted to change my pin and activate my account. I should have done this at the ATM point but it wasn’t going through. I tried to explain to her but she insisted that if I couldn’t provide those documents then I can’t have access to my account and the money in it. Had I known I should've ignored her. I went back home to pick up the documents she requested and returned back to the bank as soon as possible before closing time.

To cut the long story short.

I did all necessary documentation and yet was told my account had no issues. Then I told the customer service that I wasn’t asking for an account upgrade, I already have my debit card with me but I can’t change my pin and access my money. Then she told me to fill another form again to request a change of pin. I did so and after some minutes I was told to input my new pin and everything was perfect. So all the stress I had undergone since morning was just something simple if not for the intern that bypassed my words and confused me.

Compared to the great introduction of the Decentralized system that changed the world and granted access to financial freedom. It has become so easy to get things done at our own convenience without going through some kind of third-party banking and waiting before having access to our own money.

A decentralized financial system indeed is a great change to the world at large and I would say in the nearest future it would have its way over the centralized financial system. Owning my personal key phrase and passwords, having full access to my savings, faster transaction speed, and lesser transaction cost, all are just more than enough to move permanently from the world of centralized financial services to the world's recent decentralized financial system.

What do you think 🤔??


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Written by   90
1 month ago
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I would go with the decentralized system because the centralized system is draining. Imagine you going through all that process because you want to have access to your own money.

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1 month ago

Sincerely. The difference is just so much clear.

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1 month ago