The Dip: It's Sad but not that Bad

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Have you ever felt like you are losing your will to write and having a thought of selling or continue hodling your bitcoin cash as of the moment?

That is exactly how I feel today. In fact, I cannot even spend a few seconds staring at my portfolio because it was bloody red. It is not as huge as others, but it is still heartbreaking.

It is good to still hodl in the long run but still, I can't help but feel sad.

Anyways, they say that after the rain the sun will rise up to bring new hope. And with this current dip, I decided to buy some more to at least gain more once it starts going up again.

By understanding the graph in my own knowledge, I believe it's gonna worth the risk. I just need to have more patience and for the mean time, I should stop myself seeing my bitcoin wallet.

A part of my brain is saying that I should not be sad because in the first place, I just got them for free. But the other part says it is wrong because I have spent several days and even months already. I have spent time for it. But then I realized I should stop from torturing my mind by thinking such things.

Today's BCH value may be bearish and might be a sad day for some like me, but for sure there's gonna be bullish days too. We just need to grab the opportunity to hodl some more and wait until it rise.

I may just need to divert temporarily the attention I am giving to it. Maybe for now, it is a sign that I should give more time for myself, to my studies, among other things. I have enough time to study but I have noticed that sometimes I almost spend all of my free time doing things in the virtual world. And maybe, just maybe, this is a sign that I should lessen my time doing things like this.

But one thing is for sure, I will not end nor stop now. Maybe, I just needed a time to think and so the things I have mentioned above. Besides, vacation is almost near. I should give my best for now in the real world. I will still try to make an article a day or at least three to four times a week since I need some funds for mobile data which I need for our online classes. It's kinda confusing here but I will try to explain. In average, I am spending 2-3 hours here, even more, sometimes because I also read articles here and making some noise in But now, maybe I should just spend an hour for making an article and focus again to what I am supposed to do.

By the time that we will have our vacation, maybe I will become more active again. I hope that by that time, the value of bch has risen up.

I know that some of the paragraph are out of the main topic but yeah, my point is do not be sad. Take it as a challenge, as an opportunity to hodl some more so that the fruits will be more once it starts flying high again. But always remember to just invest what you can afford to lose. If you think it is worth trying the risk, consider making a try.

That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this not-so-sad nor not-so-good article I have written for today. I am glad I have finished it within an hour. Truly, when you let your fingers and mind do their job, thoughts will continue to flow. Well, that is not impossible because our mind is a universe of thoughts. We all have many thoughts in our mind. Sometimes, we are just too lazy enough to express them, most especially to write them in a piece of paper.

Regarding the errors, forgive me if there are noticeable mistakes. I am always giving my best to improve it. I hope you understand.

This is just a simple infographic. From now on, I will always put it at the end of each of my articles so that every time you will read them, you will be motivated and inspired more. Thank you!

If you are already registered, you may have been a member here for a day or two or possibly longspun than that. The question is, do you know what bitcoin cash means in the first place already? If not yet, here is a simple infographic made by yours truly. This kind of infographic would help acquaint those who have been here and heard or read these terms but do not know yet their meanings.

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