Remember it Again

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Chapter 9 - Someone's POV

Memories of the past keep on haunting us. No matter where we go, no matter what we will do. They will haunt us. They will keep on coming back when they want to.

Having a nightmare.

I wake up breathing heavily. It has been a couple of days since the last time I saw this dream. And now here it is again. It was the very reason why I am doing this. The reason why my heart becomes as hard as an iron.

I was kidnapped before. A group of men stopped in front of me while walking down in the dark part of the road. I was alone. If only I knew what will happen that night, I should have waited for my parents instead.

I fight for my life but they made me sleep through the handkerchief they used to cover my nose and mouth. When I woke up, I overheard what they're talking about. I have found out that they are currently celebrating for making their research project successful.

At first, I couldn't understand until they force me. They wanted to do something to me. Of course, I did my best not to let them do what they want. But they were strong, and it was just me against them. My body gave up. They did what they thought could satisfy them. I was just crying, but hoping that somebody will come and save me.

After what they've done to me, I can't help but be angry with myself. I pity my poor self because of my weakness. They took advantage of my vulnerability. I heard them talk afterward. I learned about their project. While they were busy talking, I observe the place. It seems like an old building. I smile when I remembered it. I used to hide here when I was still a little kid.

There is a river a few meters away from here. This is the place where I hide every time my parents want me to go in self-defense training. Tears fell down when I realized that they are right. I should have done what they always wanted. I took a deep breath and tried to figure out how can I escape it. I remember there is a secret room here, but I have to walk on the other side without them noticing me.

While walking as quietly as I can, I saw a copy of something on one table. It could be their research. I am almost near the secret room when I took the risk to grab the copy. I don't know where I got the courage but I risked myself taking it. When I got it, one of them notice me and they immediately run towards me. I ran as fast as I could to get there in the room. I manage to get in but I do not know how long I can hold it. I locked it but at any moment it may collapse. I read the title and I learned it's about a pill that can erase memory. Something that some people may want when they want to start a new life.

I heard a blast of sound and it is coming from the door. I immediately hide it inside the cabinet and went into the window at my side. It was rusty already and I am having a hard time opening it. My heartbeats are racing. When I opened it, the door was down already. I jump and I succeed. I thought I am already free but the smile on my face fades when I saw another guy inside the car and he's approaching. The next thing I remember is I fell to the ground.

I gain back my consciousness when I felt that they are trying to put something in my mouth. It must have been the pill. I bit the finger of the one who feeds it to me but then I swallowed almost half of the pill. He then slapped me real hard. The next thing I remember is that they carry me and went to the river. I can hear the flow of the water. I just closed my eyes when we were almost there. I thought that's my end. But then somebody shouted and I heard the sound of incoming police. They released me and I groaned as I fell to the ground. I can't scream but I forced myself to crawl and leave the place because I heard some footsteps.

I thought it's my chance but I changed my mind about going to them when I heard someone. He said "shoot and kill everyone you'll see. That's an order."

Because of an adrenaline rush, I was able to stand up and escape the place. I leave my scarf so that they will think I was totally gone.

I just wake up one day where I can't remember who I am and who my family was. I was crying while trying to remember these things but only the miserable thing that happened to me keep on coming back to my mind.

I went back to the old building and get the copy of the research paper that I hide. I don't know why this event is what I can only remember so I take the copy with me to know everything.

I was crying while knowing every bit of information from it. It's irreversible. That's what I know that time. I almost throw it but then I remember what they did. I promised myself to take revenge and starting from that day, I changed my identity.

I used the information written in the paper. All of their names were there, including their school. I went there and tried to report them only to find out their research was abolished because of its threats. And I was the first victim. I said no repeatedly and leave the place.

I then walk away and was almost hit by a car. When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital already. From that day, the ones who almost hit me adopted me. They take care of me. They sent me to school and finished my degree abroad. Just a few years back then, they died. I owe them a lot and am very thankful for what they have given to me. I came back to my beloved country and I used all the resources they left to me to study the research of those who tried to play around with me and almost killed me.

From there, I discovered one thing - the sound of the clock. Those who had taken the pill can still get back their memory. They just need to continuously hear the sound of the clock when it strikes at three. It was successful. I managed to remember the 20th time I hear it. But it has exceptions. The events from the moment they take in the pill will be forgotten.

I remembered my name even my family, but I did not have the courage to tell them I came back. They were already living happily without me and something's holding me from coming back to them.

I found out that I was declared missing and not only that, I was tagged as part of a terrorist because "according to them" I was part of that group and so I vanished. Maybe, that's their way to manipulate things. They probably knew that I have the full information about the pill. And the government probably doesn't want the public to know about it and so I became wanted.

Luckily, I've undergone some operations abroad in my face. Somehow, they won't suspect me. My discovery might prove my innocence but they might use it against me, and I don't want them to claim my discovery. So from that day, I have changed. I used it against everyone who tried to make me fall. I still remember those who did it to me and I came back for my revenge. It was almost successful until one day, the school's IT was able to hack my account and took some copies of my files.

I did everything I can to stop her but she did not approve of my negotiation. I did not have a choice so I removed her from the picture. But something came up again and her daughter was captured by one of my men. She's taking a video and even if I don't want to do it, I also have to take her out of the picture.

They then throw both of them at the river. That's what I knew and believed at first until I saw the daughter one day. The only difference is that she is under the effect of the pill. Something that gave me the advantage to terminate her before she could remember everything. I faked my identity to get near to her. The moment I became close to her is the moment I have been waiting for.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Action/Drama/

Date Started: July 8, 2021
Date Finished: n/a
Status: Ongoing

Note that it is just fiction. Any names, places, events, and other things that are mentioned here are just the product of my imaginations.

Chapters Available:

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So it's really Honey no?

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Malalaman mo yan sa chapter 11 ate parot. About kay honey, she's a round character here. Expect the unexpected :)

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