Pure Intention

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A short story based on another perspective. It is actually the boy's point of view in the post entitled 'the one that got away,' which was published earlier.

Boy's POV

I am a little bit comfortable that day since the sun is not that hot as compared to the other days. But yeah, I feel like my body is burning a little bit so I wear my black jacket.

I am heading to the cafeteria when I noticed this girl who seemed to be always out of her mind. She's looking at the sky while heading in my direction. Based on my calculation, she will hit me if I do not move into my current position. As expected, we bumped with each other. The reaction of her face is cute and here she is again, it seems like she's imagining something. I tried to grab her hand but she did not make any move aside from imagining.

She looked upset when she got her senses back after falling to the ground. I feel sorry because it seems painful since the road is rough. But I couldn't help but to keep my face with empty reaction 'cause as much as possible, I do not want others to show more interest with me due to my condition.

But I don't know why I just suddenly laugh a few moments after I saw her reaction. I cleared my thought and told her that the next time she walks here, she should be looking forward not upward.

By the way, I am Quatro Asuncion Jr. - the coldest boy in this university.

Most of the students here perceive me as a bad boy who knows nothing but to bully others even I am just doing nothing. Others even say that I am cold-hearted and a player who plays with every girl's heart. Little did they know, I wasn't really like that. They know nothing about me.

With the days that have passed, I noticed that the girl whom I bumped with always try to get into my way. I am not sure if it is really intentional or not but day by day, I am getting annoyed. Thus, I sometimes get to bully her.

But what surprises me the most is that she never gets tired of it even when she's getting a different kind of attention. But as the saying goes, the one whom you dislike the most has a chance to be someone whom you will love the most. I did not expect it, but my feeling says it all. At first, I thought I just feel sorry for her for all the things I have done just for me to get rid of her since I do not want her to get involved with me. But later on, I realized I am slowly falling in love.

However, I can't pursue it because of one thing - my greatest secret. Probably, she does not care about how I look if I am normal, but we can't be together. We are not the same.

One night, a group from the other clan came to me and asked me again if I am going to marry their princess. But like what I always said, I do not love her and I really do not like to be affiliated with them for they are involved in wrongdoings - something I do not like to be involved with.

I said no and they punch me. The two are holding my hands while the other one who is the most frightening and ugliest tried to sip my blood when we heard a siren coming from a police mobile. In an instant, they fade away. Yes, I do have the blood of a vampire, but I am not a pure vampire. I am half-human, half-vampire. Unlike those, I don't sip blood. That is also the reason why I do not want to get involved with humans, especially with her.

Speaking of her, I saw her appear in front of me. I do not know if I am hallucinating but when I heard her voice, I gained my energy back. But I remembered I need to be reactionless. As much as I want to thank her for saving me, I can't.

I leave her behind without any word from me. Before I turned my back, I know she was hurt for still being like this even when she has saved me from those bad vampires. She can't blame me though. It's for her protection.

Maybe, we are not truly destined for each other. We just met but destiny did not allow us to be together. It's sad both on our part, but I have to do this.

Then End.

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It's so sad Julez. 🥺 He did it because for the girls safety because he is a half vampire. The girl's life will be in danger too that's why he make his way to avoid her. Every vampire love story, the first pop up in my mind is the "Twilight" movie. I love how Edward protect Bella.

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