Dodging Rocks With Kindness

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When a series of hate-filled rocks try to shoot you down in life, dodge it with kindness.

Not everyone in the world is on the same page as you. Some are too close-minded and only highlight what you cannot do and your imperfections. Though the world is filled with people like that, one should always choose to be kind in a situation where his or her patience and values are tested.

Let's say you have friends, but at the very moment you need them the most, when someone else is doing bad to you and throws you rock, they don't help you and even laugh at you when you are down, then stop being friends with these people.

There is no reason to have friends who are afraid to stand up for you.

Many deceptive friends would laugh at your downfall moments, but one true friend would be by your side and stand up to your defenses.  Probably out of worry for their own safety, they did this. But if they aren't there for you while you're going through a rough patch, why should they get to enjoy the good times?

Cut ties with them and seek some dependable companions. A true friend is one that is there for their friend no matter what comes their way. Being there for you when things aren't going so great and will remain to be at your side even when you have nothing.

On the other hand, some people's behaviors do not seem to deserve kindness due to what they are doing and showing to other people. But this does not mean they no longer deserve kindness. We are just human and everyone can change. Just don't take it for granted because trust is fragile. If you are given another chance, you're lucky. So do good and change for the better.

Considering the same scenario, it does not imply, however, that you must treat them as well the same thing they did to you. My own belief is that one of the most revealing indicators of someone's character is how they treat others who aren't in their immediate social circle. Sometimes, their treatment of others is not the same as how they treat specific people.

Anyway, it does not imply also that one should be more empathetic toward others who aren't.

A minimal standard of conduct must be established, and it must be maintained even in the face of the worst of individuals. So again, when others throw rocks at you, do not throw back those rocks. Instead, help them and teach them to get rid of the hatred in their heart. Because nothing can compensate for living a life that is not filled with hatred and insecurities.

Conclusively, each individual needs to be treated with care and respect, regardless of the characteristics or traits that they may or may not have chosen for themselves. Even if they do not possess even the tiniest amount of decency, respect, or merit, they were produced by our creator and so ought to be treated as if they do. However, everyone should keep in mind that we are living in a world of racism and competition. We should all focus on living our lives to the fullest. Though it is part of our lives, we should always remember to be kind and treat everyone the same way we want to experience it.

Let kindness pervades the atmosphere. Let it grow in everyone's heart and I hope this blog kindle that fire of passion within you. Thank you!

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I love this! I've always been a big believer in the power of kindness and positivity, and I think it's so important to remember how much more powerful they are than hate.

I agree that the best way to handle hate is with kindness. I don't think we should ever try to suppress or ignore its existence; we have to face it head on. But when we do, it's important that we do so with compassion and understanding, rather than anger or defensiveness.

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1 year ago

All worth to read. Thank you for the great reminder, sir. I love reading this type of topic.

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1 year ago