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Dress Code & It's Importance.

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2 months ago

Hello my dear friends. How are you? Busy day indeed. I know but what to do dear? This is life. So I won't take much time from you. Straight to the point. Today I am here with a common article but in an uncommon way. Confused? Relax buddy. I am here to help you. I will talk about the differences in clothing that varies from place to place.

Clothing only carries our tradition, but we all are the same people.

We all wear clothes. It can be a normal dress or the manual dress of selected ways. We can also point out to the uniform types of clothing. But there is a difference in clothing in places that we all know. I know that clothing is not a measure of one's worth. But yes, we must get down. Clothing sometimes carries an identity. For example, if you are at home, you wear one type of clothing and if you go out, you wear another type of clothing. Suppose you are a school madam. When you go to school, you must maintain the dress according to the job mentality. If you wear the informal dress in front of the students there, it will look ridiculous. Isn't it? The police have a uniform. There is a different dress code for doctors. Again, if you go to a big restaurant or hotel, there is a different dress code for their stuffs.

We, the people react according to dress.

You may have all heard a story by Sheikh Saadi that it is never right to measure a person on clothes. But we also have to keep in mind that dress code is a big issue at the moment. For an example, if you go for a job interview and if you don't wear formal clothes rather you want to wear a simple T-shirt, then they won't allow you there for an interview. For wearing a non-formal dress, your job will be ruined inspite of having good qualifications. They will interview you to prove you are qualified. But dress code is a big issue. That's why you shouldn't be do that, right dear? It will never look good if you put yourself in front of the mess. That's why there is a neat thing.

Dress Code Everywhere

You will always see a dress code for everyone and everywhere. When you travel by plane. If normal clothes were given, then we would not be able to understand who is going and who is not going to fly.

When you go to a big restaurant, you will see that they have different dresses for their stuff as I mentioned earlier. Besides this, the manager & owner have a different dress code. The only thing which is eye catchy that you can easily recognize them. For this, you can easily order food from stuffs not from the manager. But it is not that they are different people from us. Or they are younger than us. People are all one but here we use different clothes just to carry the identity.

Let me tell you a little story.

I have a friend who can talk very well. His words can mean a lot of good people. So a school teacher once invited him to an event at his school. He requested my friend that he might tell his students some good things about their program. So he went there. He went to school that day a little after the event started. He wore a T-shirt. The school gatekeeper saw him and stopped him. He said, "What do you want here?" So he said, "I'm here to talk. I am the invited one." The gatekeeper didn't understand it and told him, "What do you want here?" He said again," I have come here to talk." The gatekeeper denied it. There was a chaos. When he teacher heard that, he came out. He saw my friend and said that he had invited him. "You have made a big mistake. It was not right for you to keep him out of the door like this. He is our guest.", he shouted.

See? Only one T-shirt made such an impact that they thought it might be an ordinary boy.

From then, I see that he takes a matching dress up to wherever he goes. So everyone can recognize him. Because now he can speak beautifully and no problem with dressing sense. Now my friend also understands where to wear what kind of clothes. And I understand the importance of dress code. We should follow this one.

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Written by   93
2 months ago
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We should be aware of our dressing sense. It actually glorifies our personality. Well written dear. Actually never thought about this topic.

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2 months ago