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Our first ever tragedy as a couple (Part 3)

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3 months ago

Part 1:

Part 2:


It looks like we're just spending our time in a hotel room. We're just waiting for our food and do everything that we want to.

Another day has come, we take a glance at Mom in the ICU main. And we discover, it's just one door and wall away from the ICU extension. Seeing her move in good condition and a nurse taking care of her, makes us stay calm and comfortable.

That's also the last day we stayed in the hospital cause the nurse declared our NEGATIVE swab result. She told us we can go home but we need to be strictly quarantined for 14 days.

As the nurse stated that, we immediately contacted a friend who can pick us up at the hospital. And he immediately responded yes.

While waiting for our service, we ate our lunch, took a bath, disinfect, and pack our things. We also write a letter for Mom in her notebook. My husband delivers it to the ICU main stating that we're both negative on the swab test so we're no longer staying in the hospital. And again we stated that we love her and we're waiting on her fast recovery.

So that's the end of our hospital journey.

At home, we disinfected all our things from the hospital, wash every clothes that we brought, and make sure we throw away the virus. And we spend our day at home while strictly obeying the home quarantined.

Maybe you got curious why we need to be quarantined even though we both have a negative result? Well, as per the nurse... The virus can manifest in 2 weeks. So, that's the time we need to observe ourselves if ever we experienced symptoms. But good thing we both have a healthy body, which helps us not to be infected again.

After 4 days, my Mom got released from intubation. Which means she can already breathe normally without the support of the oxygen machine. That's a relief for her and us also. It just shows how fast her recovery is. Nurses and doctors in the hospital also confessed that it's their first time removing a tube from a patient who survives the intubation. Every patient who undergoes intubation cannot endure their situation and face death. But our Mom is different. She's strong and tough. So... Few more days and she's been released in the ICU main. She's been transferred to another room which is for patients who have negative results. That time, she need a watcher. And my husband is the only person who can do it. He didn't finish his quarantine period. But the hospital allowed him cause he's been negative already to the result and not showing any symptoms. So he left me alone at our house, and go to the hospital.

That's the saddest night I ever felt in my life. Before when I was single I know how to be alone and independent, but after the wedding, I think I can no longer handle it. But still, I told myself that it's for our mother's fast recovery. She needs him more than I.

So, they spend more days in the hospital, taking medicines, eating healthy foods, changing diapers, etc. Until the doctors said that they can already come back home.

That's the time I planned and did some effort just to make my Mom happy and optimistic. I cut some paper, and form some "WELCOME HOME MA".

That day, the ambulance came. I was glad my Mom survived in that critical situation. I thought I will no longer be with her. But God answered our prayers and save her. Thanks to all our family and friends who did not stop comforting us while we're still in the hospital. We know how effective our prayers coz a lot of them helps us to pray for her as well.

As of now, my Mom is still on a process of recovering. From level 5 (critical) down to level 2 (mild) covid case.  Little by little, we can see her improvements. I hope everyone of us learned from this story.

Covid is not a joke like other said. You'll not know when will it attack your family. So be responsible enough to be healthy this days. Invest for healthy foods and vitamins. And learn to follow the healthy protocols. Do it as always coz it will save your life and others. 

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Written by   31
3 months ago
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