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If you were given a chance to rescue an animal, would you do it? I saw a lot of videos online about this topic, and I always got amazed and my heart melts every time I saw an animal got saved.

And you know what makes me smile on every video? Seeing the animal healthy and safe after a month of rescuing. It just shows how people imitated what God has... LOVE.

Now, I was writing a story about how my husband rescued a kitten that nearly died. He loves animals and has a heart that almost puts himself in every animal situation.

It was afternoon when he's outside doing his job. He's collecting money from their customers that ordered books. It was so hot that day that he decided to stop and take a few minutes to rest. He stays in a waiting shed. That time he saw a kitten that looks dead. It doesn't move and ants are all around. It looks so new. Maybe 2-3 days after its mom releases. He felt sympathy after seeing that situation.

He tried to check if it's already died. He kicks it a little just to examine, and it moves. That just shows that it's still alive. So that motivates him to help. He's thinking that maybe the mommy cat comes back and gets her kitty. So he waits for a few more minutes. He also hesitates to get it coz people are walking by. He doesn't want to look crazy... Getting kitty at the waiting shed. 😂 So he pauses but prepared everything before leaving. He's using a motorcycle that time and it has an ubox. He removes everything on it just to have space for the kitty. When there are no more people around, he eventually grabs it and puts it there. He fixes it to be spacious that it can breathe comfortably.

Now he's back on his journey. Thinking about the kitty, he stops every 5-8 minutes just to check if the kitty is still alive. The ubox is like a container that air cannot enter immediately. And it's so hot that time, so he tried to give water at least to the cat. He has mineral water at that time and he puts a little on the kitty's lips just to make it hydrated.

And there comes a time when he needs to collect more from the customers. The road is not that smooth, so he thinks that the kitty might feel uncomfortable riding in that situation. So he decided to put it in the grass on the sidewalk and comes back before the night arrives.

After successfully doing his job, he comes back to where the kitty is located. But it's gone. He searches for it... And finally, he found it. It adjusted a few steps away.

And that's the time they both come back home. Seeing the kitty's situation, you can probably say that it will not survive. His mom said it.

But my husband's still tried his best. He searched online what alternative milk can he give. He found out that condensed milk can make the kitty survive. So he bought some. Now how can he make it drink? It's still so young that it can't make it on its own. Thinking about the cat's breast, he invented a bottle with a pointed cap. It's still not that good as it's not controllable. The liquid flows continuously. So it needs more sacrifices and patience. That time he woke up in the middle of the night, feeding the kitty. Just like what moms did. 😂

Good thing there's replacement milk online that costs $8. It also comes with a feeding bottle just for cats.

Here is the picture after 1 week of getting in the waiting shed. He super loved milk. He also learned to grab it with his paws. And trying to drink on it without milk, he just got addicted to it. 😂 He also drinks milk even his tummy bursts.

So, to make the story short that kitty survived. It just lasted because of my husband's sacrifices. And now whenever someones prepare milk, that cat demands some. He loves milk. That's why they call him Mimi. Wanna see him now?

He doesn't look happy, but he's kind and sweet.  And its fur differs from other cats as it's so soft and shiny. Also, its body is just so fluffy.

Lesson: Every animal has their own life that we should also admire. They can only live once so make it a habit to let them live comfortably. 

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