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Christians: Death is temporary

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1 month ago
Topics: Hope, Love, Family

Death has been part of our lives. It is common for us to hear the news, or watch the information about someone's loss.

Last Monday, my Mom called early in the morning. She tells me that one of our friends already died. That gives me a shock. This man just so active at the zoom meeting last Thursday. How come it happened so fast?

Yesterday, at exactly 10 a.m., my Mom called again. As I answered, she asked me if I already knew the news. Having no idea, I asked her what is it? Another friend lost her life.

In this scenario, it's so common to hear someone's lives got lost over and over again. We got shocked how people just got so energized today, yet tomorrow will be gone. Some died too young. Some perished without any illnesses. Some vanished because of accidents, diseases, disasters, etc.

It's normal to feel sad, to cry, to regret, and to miss that person this instant.

Take this for example:

Earlier, we joined a family that has a Father who will be buried. I saw a lot of this event as many people already died. Their Father has been a good man. He became a respectable friend for all. A nice father to his child. A loveable and sweet husband to his wife. A lot of happy memories they spend with this person. Not until the day has come that they will no longer have a chance to be with him again.

They cried, screamed, and whimpered. Some almost lost their breath because of the pain it causes. They cried out as if that person hear them out. Seeing how family and friends suffered, makes my heart in distress too. I don't want to be in their shoe. To feel that I lost someone I loved. To be hopeless and regretful for the future.

Some also think: What if we do this, can he live longer? What if we do that, can she still survive? Many what-ifs. But that's life. It ends there.

But think about this... What if that person lives again? Be with you again? Share happy memories again without the fear of dying? What if that person became so healthy, no more sickness, pains, and sufferings? Can you imagine how beautiful life is?

The bible says: "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, and those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment." - John 5:28,29

Yes, God's word tells us that shortly, God will do something that will amaze us. Those that are in the memorial tombs will come out. This is literal. Not a spiritual soul will be alive again, but like us as a human.

Some of you may say, is this real? How come is this possible?

If you are familiar with the bible... There are lots of different stories which show dead people can be given another life, another existence. That makes their family happy. Give them chance to be together again. Not unless they died again.

Soon, God will fulfill all His promises. We can live in a perfect home (paradise) without a fear of dying. Can't wait for the moment to see all dead will have a chance to live again. Can't wait to meet and greet all my family and friends that lost their life today. Can't wait to embrace and show my love to those people for who I didn't have a chance to express my affection.

The Bible gives us hope for the future. That even though we're struggling for today, but shortly everything will change into beautiful scenes. No more death, sickness, crimes, and fears. Everything will be changed into satisfactory.

Thanks for reading. 💕

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Written by   26
1 month ago
Topics: Hope, Love, Family
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