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This is how I found happiness; meaning it may work for someone else.

Welcome to my blog page again. Before you proceed, remember that you’re about to read my real life experience. I do not share what I read or ideas found somewhere else, I post my real life experiences as raw as they are.

Pictures used in this article are all mine and original. You’re free to use them as long as you’re using them for good; for inspiration and teaching.

I’m not a super human, neither known in the society nor an affluence personality. I’m just a simple guy living his life like every other individuals. I’m grateful to blockchain and social media that has granted me opportunities to socialize with my world; which if not, you may not have known someone like me.

Things to allow around you which may help you find happiness and fulfillment.

Life is a wonderful experience, but it requires much information to be guided. We’re born into a world that has been programmed with many norms (natural and unnatural). Many are fortunate enough to have good exposure and enlightenment early in their lifetime while others becomes victims to circumstances around them due to ignorance and fate.

There are some that has made irrecoverable mistakes in their lifetime due to the kind of exposure they encountered in life. In all these, there’s still hope for everyone as long as there’s this golden opportunity called LIFE in us.

To find comfort, friendship, happiness, and fulfillment, you may need many things but in this article I’ll list about 3 that I considered majors.




You need those listed above around you; for your wellbeing, and to have a sound mind.

I know that many people may be surprised that I didn’t include ‘money’ on the list. That’s a discussion for another day. Money is good, but money could be said to be just an ingredient and not the meal itself. I prefer to stick to nature in this article; which both (the rich and the poor) can access.

I’ve explored these 3 things and have discovered the inestimable value and influence that they have to our lives.


Let’s start with humans. Humans is one of the reasons why we appreciates the gift of life, no one ever enjoys living alone on earth. I’ve found out that the greater reason of my wellbeing is rooted in good people around me; starting from my family, my friends etc. First thing I do each morning is checking on humans in my life; starting from my family to my friends.

Emotionally, family, friends and loved ones enhances our mental well being. I’ve noticed that checking on my friends each morning; to know how they feel, if they sent mail and social messages. Doing these things serves as a boost to my happiness each day.


Plants and trees remain one of the things that drives placebo effect in humans. Placebo effect is a reaction that occurs in our minds when its good feelings reaches an equilibrium or a balance. Placebo brings natural wellbeing in humans. And we can achieve it through closeness with nature; especially in dealing with trees and plants.

I’ve received tremendous healing from sicknesses, from emotional hurts, and otherwise through having enough time for plants.

I’m not talking about meditating 🧘 inside forests and gardens, though they may be working for some people. I’m talking about caring for trees and planting seedlings.

How to build bond and friendship with plants

I think using myself as an example could help bring the explanation home.

My wellness started improving the day I decided to follow this natural passion; homestead and permaculture. Some may have excuses that permaculture demands huge fund and space before it can be carried out. Not totally true; one can actually start things little. I’m not a rich dude, but I enjoy life through these natural engagements.

It feels like heaven on earth to stay under this plant; it produces both food and shed from hash sun ☀️

I do not deny myself and my family this aspect of having a balanced mindset through closeness to plants

Citrus 🍊 produces enriched vitamin fruits for the family

Decorating your environment with seedlings is healthy and safe. On my part, I do not just plant them, I takes good care of them; I feel healthier each time I see them healthy and growing.

Both my backyard and frontage are carefully decorated with gardens and seedling plants.

I struggled having my homestead and gardening experience for years due to scarcity of water in my geographical location, but I was able to solve that through help and loans granted to me by Bitcoin Cash friends. Now I have all required tools to tend these plants.

Having such varieties of plants helps in many ways; for instance, I have some plants that not only produces food for family and livestock, they also serves as shed and produce oxygen and fresh air for the human consumption.

Edible cucumber plant in my home garden

Before now, I used to spend much money in the hospital; treating my children, and that of my neighbors from sickness linked to malnutrition, but not anymore. This method and lifestyle has made me to realize how simple life could be if we apply these natural rules that we’re discussing.

I produce enough cucumber 🥒 for my family and neighbors with low income earnings

All these happens inside my compound, meaning that it doesn’t require much space and effort. I’ll take time and show you how I do these things, but for now, I wouldn’t want to deviate from our topic on few natural things you could do to achieve a sound mind and your wellbeing.


Keeping animal friends is the third in my list.

There are many animals that are friendly to keep. Depends on the reasons and purpose of adopting those animals at home. I’ll use myself as a case study in this article.

I have 2 types of animals in my house, and they serve different purposes. I’ll tell you everything you may need to know. Let’s start with pets.

Few months back, I adopted 2 puppies 🐶 into our home. I have few reasons for the adoption. First is that we humans naturally have need of these animals around us. They make good friends that could be trustworthy more than humans at times.

My pet friends like no other

Have you been in a horrible solitude; without no one aiding your awful feelings?

These types of friends are needed in your life. Mafia and Luary has been too friendly to us; and has become our family members. They plays the role of intimate friends to everyone in the house. They’re just 6 months of age, but they’ve thought me lessons to be learned in ages. Surprisingly, these animal friends has special ways of beautifying our lives as humans. They’re emotional creatures as humans, with ability to understand our feelings at each moment.

German Shepherds are closely intelligent as humans

My pets are doing well in guarding the house; keeping at alert all the times. They do not sleep like humans do. This breed is mostly used in policing and by security agencies.

The second animal friends that does amazing things in stabilizing our wellbeing is sheep 🐑

I recently adopted 3 of them from a slaughter house. I went to buy cattle manure that fateful day and met them as they’re being priced for slaughter. I out-priced others and saved their lives. Now they’re equally helping us in maintaining a healthy recycling balance.

Friendship is like magic; it doesn’t care what you’re, where you’re from, and what you do.

My children is learning the principles of harmony, love, care etc. from these lifestyle that we’ve chosen. We left the city to taste life this way, and we’ve found it fulfilling.

My little daughter is two years old but has already taken the responsibility of taking care of animals and creatures around her.

The purpose of keeping this animals isn’t for their meat nor for the monetary gains that we my gain from their offsprings. Rather I look beyond to having a sync with nature, becoming friendly to Mother Nature than destroying it established codes and orders.

I feed those animals from crumbs and left over vegetables from my gardens. Those things helps them to live healthy and happy, and in return, they give back rich compost manure for my gardening and homestead activities.

Having a healthy environment depends on our ability to harmonize the relationship between us humans, plants and animals

This is just a flower in my compound, but it is also testifying to the goodness of following this natural circle of life.

Many African brothers has same opportunity of making their life experience beautiful; especially in a natural way, but we forget so soon that the gift of life is meant to be utilized in solving problems facing mankind.

In my upcoming article, I’ll give you an eye catching homestead activity going on inside my compound. This garden is a place where families and neighbors picks vegetables from for a healthy life. As dry season approaches, I hope to save lives through these method discussed in this article.

In conclusion

There are many ways you too can apply for a healthy, sound and a free mind. Remember, I simply expressed the importance of maintaining natural order and creating a sync between humans, plants and animals which remains the only route to healing the earth. We want a world where love, fairness, justices and peace reigns. Depends on your environment; these principles may or may not be applicable to you at the moment, but however, comment below and let’s know what works for you.

Thanks for reading through. Remain awesome.

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Excellent presentation. Very meaningful. I have gained tremendously from it

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1 year ago

I’m glad that it helps. Thanks for your support and for the encouragement.

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1 year ago

I’m not a super human

Yes, Max, you are.

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1 year ago

You’re just awesome; my one and only Telesfor.

I’m just speechless.

Thanks 🙏 for coming around.

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1 year ago

Wow that is really good, i so much learnt a lot from this your beautiful article, it is good to be friendly with them all because that is our life saver sometimes. I can even see your little baby sharing her food to the sheep, that is really a great thing. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article for us I'm happy reading this your article Max.

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1 year ago

I’m super glad that it helps, and thanks 🙏 for coming around.

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