My mother was a civil servant, she taught me time management

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2 years ago

The mystery of time

Let me talk about time as it relates to civil servants and their attitude with saving and planning. Most times when you join the service, you think you have years, but before you could say jack, you realize that you probably have just few years to retire.

Where would the journey of a civil servants begin?

The essence of this awareness is to let people especially the civil servants to know that their journey starts the same day they picked picked that appointment letter. People with always think that the time is too long. All that I’m saying is that at the course of time, based on my experience and interactions with people; I’ve even made some mistakes in the course of my career. That’s why we share our experiences so that people can learn.

So ordinarily a civil servants supposed to plan for his retirement from the day you picked your appointment paper knowing that it’s just 35 or 60 years; whichever comes first. That means that once you start earning your salaries, you should plan and budget. Try and understand how much you’re getting and how you start deploying that money.

For example for a new employee, you don’t just rush to hire a flat because that may not be your priority, you could manage just a room apartment or even half room if it’s possible. Try and grow on it, then gradually you can then decide if you can move to a flat; but that depends on the flow of your income because what we’re talking about here is the estimate income.

Try and do things that can give you a legitimate income. As a civil servant, if the place you’re serving permits or gives you opportunity to do other things after work please do. Don’t depend on your salary alone, you can engage in other things that doesn’t fling on or conflict your job.

We have some people that have built up their skills, you can go to school; part time or something and acquire knowledge, by so doing, you can take up part time teaching, you can even start writing books or contributing articles just as I’m doing right now here. You be delivering papers; depending on the level of your knowledge. Remember, these are all alternative sources of income which if you do prudently, money will come and you’ll start investing and saving.

The above are some of the ways you can prepare ahead of your retirement. If you follow the steps mentioned, you’ll see that after your retirement, you’re already busy again with something without touching your gratuity or your savings.

Definitely you’ll have a place to fall into, maybe your farm or a place where you teach, and by so doing, the fear of retirement will disappear from you because you already planned towards it. But if hang on the cliffs of being a civil servant; after work you go and settle down to for pleasure, relaxing with little salaries paid, once you hear that retirement is approaching, you’ll be frightened by the news and you know the implications.

This is why it’s most often that after retirement, it wouldn’t be long before sad news starts; from high blood pressure to heart failure. All these happens as a result of fear of life after retirement especially in bad economic countries.

The adjustment issues

The adjustment issue is about challenges that retired people faces by the time the income stops coming in. Most people who live luxuriously then finds it very difficult to adjust their way of life which if care is not taken may lead to sicknesses and sudden death.

Retirement is a transition to a mastered terrain to a new and strange terrain; somebody who is working with his or two hands as an entrepreneur while still a civil servant, such person can only get busier with his or entrepreneurship after retirement, then you might start seeing civil service as distraction because by then you might have become an employer even before your retirement.

You then will have much time to manage what you’re already established. For people in these economic mismanaged countries, white-collar jobs shouldn’t be what you solemnly depends on. You should have other legitimate augmenting means. Only make sure that it doesn’t conflict your official responsibilities because if you cheat on government hours for your own private interest, the law will catch up on you because that’s deceit; getting money that you didn’t genuinely earned, or you may turn yourself into a ghost worker which is not advocated.

What I’m saying here is that if you’re working, make sure that what ever extra thing you want to do does not conflict with your official duties.

I want appreciate all my readers who always finds pleasure reading my articles, likewise friends who are desirous to learn from my little ideas. Thanks very much for having me.

Some pictures in this article are mine while others are from pixabay

Thanks for reading through.

Yours Max.

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2 years ago


I perfectly understand your article, in my family most of them are public officials (some are already retired and others are active) and it is not easy at all, the work itself is very beautiful but the pay is very bad, there are not the resources to serve the Users, in my view there are more cons than pros. I still work there and do my duty, but I have 2 more jobs besides writing here and with what I earn extra it helps me when paying bills at the end of the month.

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2 years ago

This is what I’m talking about! I admire your lifestyle, please keep it up.

Thanks for coming around and reading through my articles beloved Aleja

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2 years ago