Max’s BCH Multipurpose Farm on Google Maps

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Location, proportions, plans, phases.

BCH multipurpose farm from google maps

Looking for a way to make you see and identify with Max’s BCH multipurpose farm, I decided to bring it closer to you through google maps.

In this article, I’ll take time and take you around, and try to explain things for you; starting from explaining what those lines on the picture stands for. After going through the article, you’ll have a better understanding of how BCH multipurpose farm will look like after construction.

Please read in full about my BCH projects here and kindly support my flipstarter campaign which has only 8 days more to either pass or fail.

My gratitude goes to everyone that has pledged for my flipstarter campaign; especially to those that recently pledged which I’ve not mentioned before. People like @Roger Ver, @Hero426, @Bitcoin out loud etc. I really appreciate you all.

BCH farm is located in a very rich soil environment; looking at the yellow outlined areas of image above is a swamp area that is ideal for dry season vegetable gardening.

The farm land is divided into 3 segments which shall be utilized for different purposes; fulfilling the name it carries; BCH multipurpose farm.

Sections of the farm

The swamp areas is very beneficial for the livestock; especially the pigs. The swamp areas which is surrounded with yellow lines is a long river line area, it’s not part of max’s BCH farm , but the farm land is the last usable land before the swamp; so the swamp is now at our advantage. The pigs will utilize the swamp for cooling off fatty body, and the coast shall be utilized for dry season vegetable farming.

Max BCH farm, connectivity, road network and market

The blue line is the distance measurement from max’s BCH farm to a major food market that connects lots of cities and people.

4.9 kilometers from major market

BCH farm is located along the express road that connects major cities and big market places. Orie market is popular market in my community which is just 12 minutes on foot 🦶 walk and less than 2 minutes with a vehicle. It’s also very close to major universities and other sub-markets that deals on sea foods and vegetables 🥦

Section 1 (water and fish farm)

Section 1 of the farm as indicated from the map shall have fish ponds in it. Initially I planned to have livestock too in that section but I later encountered a miracle inside that section of the land. As I was digging a borewell for water which shall be utilized in the farm, luckily we hit a water level that is very sustainable; it doesn’t reduce speed and it’s constant. I now have in mind to fine tune this water source so that it’s serve the community and also promote BCH payment system in my region.

Borewell, and BCH tanker collecting water from the farm

Water is very scarce in my region due to the presence of coal inside the soil. It takes a miracle to get such water source; maybe BCH farm is destined to be successful. Currently, it takes several hours to pump directly from borewell to my BCH tanker, and it consumes lots of fuel ⛽️ for powering generator. If you help pledge for my flipstarter, I’ll be able to fix this water source by providing overhead tanks and solar energy water pumping system to constantly pump water from the well. After that, we can launch the water for the community and for other water business men and women to patronize us using BCH.

Fish ponds shall be built inside the first section of the farm too

The picture above isn’t mine, it’s a free photo from Jiji website, but I picked it to show you how BCH fish farm section would look like after being fully established.


We would be meeting the diverse purchasing power of our customer segments by selling in different KGs

We would be giving our customers the options of fresh fish, smoked fish and oven dried fish, and provide them with another payment system which is paying with Bitcoin Cash.

Our packaging will be attractive to the consumers for quicker sales.


BCH multipurpose farm will contribute to the economy in the following ways:

Provision of jobs for the teeming population of the unemployed which shall receive payment in Bitcoin Cash.

Provision of food for families and for the community in affordable rate. Very poor family without money can do little BCH related tasks to get free water, free vegetables and fishes by simply opening accounts in, and tell their own stories on how help is coming to them from BCH innovations.

Increase of the GDP and external reserves through exportations.

Our taxes and other levies would be paid to the local and state government and this will help in boosting the economy. We expect that these government agencies would someday visit our BCH multipurpose farm to see how Bitcoin Cash has helped in sustaining communities and improving lives.

Second section of the farm

Introducing tree tagging 🏷

We’ll have seedlings; mainly coconut, pawpaw, and groundnut in the second section of BCH multipurpose farm. Interestingly, I’m introducing a concept that to me is a way of appreciating those that has supported my projects in BCH economy. This is called ‘Tree Tagging system’. Your name could be tagged in one of those trees which indirectly has many good vibes about you to the entire community and the world at large concerning your contribution in healing the earth through Bitcoin Cash. See below picture.

BCH trees will be tagged with names of those that contributes in building BCH farm

We may also consider making NFTs for those trees. This is a cool way of promoting BCH to the world that needs it most.

BCH multipurpose farm is changing our perception of farming

We estimate 1000 pawpaw, and 1000 coconut trees that will be tagged with the names of my friends that has contributed in fulfilling my little dreams.

Third section of BCH multipurpose farm

The third section of BCH multipurpose farm will host livestock like sheep 🐑 pigs 🐖 chicken 🐓 etc.

Like I said in my previous posts, one of the purpose of having livestock is to have a complete cycle that will support each other and help in good recycling process that promotes healthy ecosystem.

Max’s BCH multipurpose farm in design curtesy of @DwellersArt Recycling circle of BCH farm; curtesy of @eBCH recycling circle ⭕️ curtesy of @
BCH farm recycling recycle ♻️ curtesy of emergent_reasons

I intend using waste materials from livestock to support the seedlings, and as well utilize waste fruits and vegetables on feeding livestock.

All these shall come to pass after my flipstarter passes. The flipstarter has approximately 7 days more to pass or to fail; and I’m optimistic that Bitcoin Cash community will not let it fail.

Thanks for following the updates on the progress of my Bitcoin Cash projects.

You will do well to help me by sending this campaign to the right people you trust. Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks to all my contractors. More updates will come your way soon. Remain awesome.

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Just amazed!! BCH changing your life, i wish i also change my life through BCH 🥴

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With BCH, I think there’s equal opportunity for everyone. Just start little and watch your effort grow through consistency, smart and hardworking approach.

Thanks for your understanding and for that beautiful comment.

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1 year ago

Max this is an astonishing project and it will thrive. You have the power in your hands and the BCH community is looking for it. Stay firm and everything will be accomplished! Good luck my friend!

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1 year ago

Thanks so much for wishing me well

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