Making a good quotation

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2 years ago

Costing for materials needed in assembling aluminum windows

Putting up a good quotation demands prudence and good costing approach. The ability to calculate the cost and the quantity for each line item needed.

Today, I went to the market for an updated price-list for both profiles and accessories needed for the new job that I’m pursuing.

I took my time to calculate the cost, the quantity of each material needed for the assembling etc.

I also spent quality time online with my clients as I tried to make good suggestions to him. I passed most of the informations and data through WhatsApp.

It’s my duty to reason and to pay much attention to the demands and claims from my client and to give a professional advice when it’s called for.

I’m happy to see my client adhering to my suggestions and advice concerning his choices.

I’ll submit the the quotation tomorrow via email 📧

I’m optimistic about winning the job. It’s sad to see how things are getting more costly day after day as a result of the pandemic, the cost of materials has passed 150% increase. We don’t know when all these will end, but we should be hopeful.

Thanks for coming around today.

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2 years ago


You are welcomed sir. More grease to your elbow. Things are really cost in the market these days. What baffles me most is the cost if food items in our social market. Only God can intervene in our issue. Keep the good work up sir. May God see you through your new work.

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2 years ago

Thanks for stopping by, your well wishes are appreciated!

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2 years ago

You are also appreciated,

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2 years ago