Little acts that strengthens families and relationships

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2 years ago

My duty as a father.

Note: Pictures used are mine and original. Purposely snapped for this article.

I love my family and work both hard and smart for their wellbeing.

What about days that there’s no work to do?

Welcome to my blog. Today isn’t too busy for me, I didn’t go to the farm, neither was there any client to attend to.

I was at home helping my family with some house chores.

Do you mind if I share with you? Thanks to my mobile phone for tracking those steps and activities today.

I was able to hit over 12k actifit count washing clothes for my children.

I’m a father. In Africa, we’re being trained to stay strong, doing things for ourselves, and training our offspring to do as well.

I have a beautiful wife who loves and accepted to live with me. I’m not rich with silver and gold; but I’m rich in my head, heart, and mind. She married me not looking if there’s wealth or not.

Now, we’re blessed with 3 kids; 2 boys and a girl. We’re satisfied with the three. Now working towards their good upbringing.

We decided to live without looking for house-helps and nannies; reasons is because we love doing things for ourselves. We share our substance, our abundance and lack together.

And today, I found myself very happy because there’s time for me to help do some house chores.

The names of my children are: David (first boy child), Zara (second boy child), and Kaima (last girl child) Both boys already in nursery and primary schools respectively while my baby girl is still a suckling child.

We do wake up early every day to prepare them for school as well as to prepare for work.

We live in a small but loving community, we don’t have much over here but we love each other and always looking for ways of solving our problems not minding the oversights from our government.

So we woke early today as usual, prepare children for school. I went for school run while my soulmate seats back to prepare our breakfast 🥞.

Returning from school-run, I decided to make and fix our bedroom and sitting-room while missus were busy soaking children’s clothes for laundry 🧺

I fished quick from making the house and decided to help her wash 🧼 those clothes.

I took her hands off the basin of water, she smiled and held my hands with foams in her hands. She kissed me and went back to the kitchen. What a romantic moment.

We don’t have a washing machine. We do all the washing by hands except for some set of materials that demands taking to laundry services; like heavy bedsheets etc.

I washed through with smiles on my face. I love my family. As I continued washing, my soulmate went on to preparing our breakfast 🥞 as well as children’s lunch 🥗.

Before I could finish washing clothes, my breakfast has been ready on my table calling. What a lovely day, if not for bad economy, I’d prefer to be spending more time with my family, but I gotta work for our wellbeing.

I delight letting you know that we produce most of the food that we eat; from grains to vegetables, and fruits.

We fed on fresh organic foods. As an agro person, I grow things like plantains, yams, grains as soybeans, millets, corn 🌽, assorted vegetables 🍅 🌶 and numerous things that I may not list here for now.

I hope you’re enjoying your family life as well. In case otherwise, remember that it’s in your hands to make your family the way you may desire it to be. I wish you all the best. Keep loving, keep forgiving, and keep smiling. Life is good.

I’m still your friend Max. Reaching out from somewhere in West Africa.

Stay safe.

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2 years ago


You are a lucky man.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the compliment Telesfor

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2 years ago

It sounds to me you both found a lot in the lottery in each other. It's great to be loved and work together. No matter what people say it build strong bonds. I hope you won't have back trouble. I find the sheets the hardest thing to do. From now on drying the laundry will take 2-4 days. It's Autumn, cold, grey, rain and winter waits for us.

What did you had for breakfast? 💕

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2 years ago

No back pain, we’ve mastered it. Besides, we wash 🧼 in smaller quantity.

Thanks for your good wishes.

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2 years ago

That's a smart thing to do. I wait till it's possible to do and hang outside. Not that it always works. Saving for a new machine. 🍀😁

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2 years ago