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2 years ago

Take a look at my garden and activities of today.

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If you do, please enjoy my today’s activities.

Applying vitamins and pesticides to my crops.

After saying early morning goodbye to my friends on their travel back to Abuja; the Federal Capital Territory.

I couldn’t sleep any longer, I took some time for meditation, and later went outside for some house chores.

I started with cleaning 🧹 of my compound and our street walkway. The house chores ended within an hour.

I took my breakfast 🥞 and headed to my little garden for some upkeeps. It’s been long a posted here about my gardening activities though. But today, I really did a lot. I made my crops feel refreshed by adding some helpful pesticides for their protection.

There’s always meaning with life, if only we all could see reasons that abounds. I love my little life because I’m able to lay hold on something tangible leading to my daily satisfaction; my source of happiness and joy, not on material gains but on life itself.

Nature is filled with inestimable blessings. Instead of being nervous and saddened by some unfavorable centralized politics, and other established norms that doesn’t fill those gaps in our hearts, why not come closer to nature and become a little more natural just like I myself.

I always eat from my farm; that’s the fruits of my labor, it’s a wonderful experience.

I didn’t go back without picking some good quantity of vegetables and other farm crops for my family and neighbors.

I have verity of vegetables in my garden, and the bunch 👆above is fresh curry leaves.

This is another verity of veggies in my garden, we call this one Awa in my native tongue, I don’t know it’s botanic name anyway, but it’s known for it blood boosting ability.

This is the second maize cultivation this farming period at this particular place. I hope you can still recall the transitions assuming you’ve been following my blog because I’ve been posting my farming activities here.

The maize garden is doing great. Also remember that I mixed plant 🌱 this place at this second time. I have maize and cowpeas together here.

My cowpeas has spread throughout my fence.

You could identify with my witnesses lol 😆. Well that’s my cowpeas spreading over my house wall.

This is where I’ll stop for today, tomorrow holds more for all of us.

Tomorrow will be another busy day for me. I pray for grace and strength to carry out my daily duties. 

I wish you a happy life dear friend. Thanks for coming around and giving my articles a read, I really appreciate.

Please I’m having a wonderful daily experience here somewhere in West Africa, and I’ll appreciate more if you can subscribe to my page so that we can share more of our experiences.

Remain safe!


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2 years ago


Salute sir ✋ . Really you are a hard worker . I will follow all these . Iam your 89th subscriber. I will always support you . Because you appreciate me . ❤️❤️

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2 years ago

Just like how Instagram is incomplete without those mellow hues, my life is incomplete without you. I love you.

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2 years ago

Wow 😲 I’m obsessed! Love is the most expensive commodity, but yet affordable by just looking at your eyes. I love you too.

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2 years ago