BCH enabled water irrigation project in Africa

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2 years ago

Update on deep water well in Africa. Courtesy of @emergent_reasons

I’m glad to bring this update on my water project in Nigeria, West Africa. This is approximately a week after I put up the first article about the progress of this water project.

There is huge progress at every side irrespective of many challenges lol 😆

@emergent_reasons once told me in one of my discussions, he said that “there’s always a next problem” and I think he’s right.

So in this article, I’ll let you know the progress we’re making as well as challenges that we’re encountering.

Milestones covered on the deep water well.

As of the time of writing, the depth of the deep well has reached 50ft down, we’ve passed many layers of soil, with their unique characteristics. It’s not possible to see people inside the well anymore unless with a touch light.

Different soils encountered

Clay soil; with huge gravel mixture

The above is the first layer of soil that we encountered.

2nd layer. Mud sand, gummy in nature

This is the second soil layer, I don’t know the actual name for it, but it’s sticky and gummy, I’ve known it as mud soil. At this stage, it’s more easier for the workers to dig when compared to the first layer.

3rd layer. Black and sticky soil

At this stage, the ground is wet and sticky. It takes the whole day without covering up to 5ft deep. But we’re focused, we expect to hit underground water soon, but there’s no guarantee for that yet, it’s very difficult to drill water in this part of the world.

4th layer. Coal is present!

The 4th layer is purely coal. If you research about Nigeria, West Africa during their colonial period, you’ll understand that the main mineral resources that helped Nigeria economically was coal that resides in Enugu; the southeast region of Nigeria. Enugu is my state of residence and that’s where this water project is ongoing. Coal and high mountain 🏔 are the main reasons we lack potable water. The meaning of Enugu state is ‘a state at the mountain tops’. This is where we are.

5th layer. The unexpected! This is that ‘next problem’ heavy rock

Our challenges

As I’m making progress in my water project, there’re also challenges that I’m facing right now. The 5th soil layer turned bad! We reached to this massive underground rock which is a trait to our success right now. I’ve tried to encourage my workers to continue pushing, but the truth is that it’s quit challenging. The rock has damaged many of their tools ⚒. Remember, we’re not yet exposed to modern technologies to tackle such heavy rock at such deep hole 🕳 level

At this stage, no one is happy, the company working for me is considering defeat as they beginning to think they may not win the battle. They tried to crack out some chunks out the rock, but could there be hope? Let’s wait and see. If we can’t reach to water level, it means that the deep well may not sufficiently serve it’s purpose especially in dry seasons as this.

I’m making plans for option B

For me, I’m not giving up at all because I believe that there’s always a solution to every problem. I’ve started making other plans in case the digging company should consider defeat.

I’m starting an underground reservoir that can store up to 25000 gallons of water. This underground reservoir isn’t in my previous plan. But I’m doing this so that I can be able to store rain water enough during rainy season. I’m also doing it to store water that will be coming from the deep water well during rainy seasons. The truth is that we can still get water from that deep water well during rainy season (assuming we lost the digging to the rock).

So, in rainy season, I can filter and purify both the rain water and deep well water, and store both in the underground reservoir which we can serve our community during dry seasons.

Other challenges

Cement for the project

My country is almost at a halt economically due to border closures, current recession that we’re into, lockdown from the second wave of covid-19, and inflation.

This means that materials needed for the project are very costly; in fact I’m afraid that the fund and disbursements as stated in my business plan may not be enough again because of scarcity of materials. Last year before the project was commissioned through a BCH loan, we used to buy a bag of cement for around $5 but now it’s sold for $10 per bag, same applies to other materials.

Purchased sandy soils delivered by vendor

I purchased tons of sand which shall be used both in molding solid blocks for the project and for other concrete and construction work in confine with the water project.

In conclusion

More update on the underground reservoir and deep water well will be available in few days.

Do I still need your support? Absolutely yes! And please, help me spread this article on Twitter and other social media.

BCH, enabling global no-barrier finance

Thanks for your support!

Your friend Max

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2 years ago


I so much like the way that someone like Max has as a primary concern to give a well profound water well to help in any event 500 individuals access protected and solid water. What's more, I additionally trust that the work be done securely for both the laborers and the individuals who will profit by the new source of water.

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2 years ago

I really appreciate everyone that shows concern on my project; through encouragement, support, solutions, ideas etc. @koush, @emergent_reasons, @test75785 and so many others that may have contributed in many ways. Those that commented, I also appreciate. My responsibility is to utilize every advice, suggestions and support judiciously, and to report back to the community.

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2 years ago

Wow! That's a great project. I hope you could really find a solution to your current problem, so you could move on to the next phase. Good luck to you and your team. :) Here's my little share for your project. It's not much but hope it can help. God bless you.

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2 years ago

Thanks a lot @bmjc98 for coming around. Thanks for your good wishes and for the support; they mean a whole lot to me.

Stay well friend.

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2 years ago

It is absolutely amazing to see that there is a dedicated community trying to make the lives of people in need better and better. Thank you for this amazing post, Regards ^^

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2 years ago

You’re simply encouraging! Thanks @idiosyncratic for identifying with BCH community and with good soul here.

Hope to have you here always.

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2 years ago

Always happy to see your updates. If anyone has experience or ideas about how to break the rock layer, please share.

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2 years ago

Yes, I think 🤔 that’s the in thing now. I’ll appreciate such ideas. Thanks @emergent_reasons for your deep concern.

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2 years ago