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Types of digital currency trading

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The most popular and widely used digital currency trading types :

1- scalping

Scalping is one of the most popular types of trading and one of the most used despite its difficulty and risk. The speculator tries through this method to achieve large profits in light of small changes in the price, and the risk of loss is often considered to be much greater than the possibility of achieving huge gains, but on the contrary, this method has advantages for traders as he can A trader creates tens or even hundreds of trades in a single day.

2- Day trading

The difference between scalping and day trading is a very small difference, as the duration of the deal in scalping is for a few minutes. As for the duration of the deal in day trading, it may extend for a whole day.

3- Intra-day trading

Short-term trading is distinguished from day-to-day trading in that deals can remain for days or weeks, and may reach a month as well.

The main advantage of short-term currency trading is that it offers a really good opportunity for high percentage gains. Unlike the fiat markets, where prices typically do not move by more than 1% per day, cryptocurrency prices can double overnight! Now that cryptocurrencies are so popular, there are now more than 2,400 different cryptocurrencies in circulation. Which means one thing - more chances for huge profits.

4- Medium term trading

Transactions can last for months and can last for a year

5- Long-term trading

The idea is that although there is always volatility, the price should increase by a significant amount in the long run. Deals can be years long and may last more than five years.

Important notes:

It is extremely important that you control your emotions and that your emotions should never influence your decisions.

The important thing you will learn when trading is that you do not always win. It can be very stressful when prices move differently from the way you had hoped.

Learning to accept losses is a big part of trading cryptocurrencies.

Greed leads to great losses.

If you are a beginner it can take some time to learn.

You should never enter with cash that you cannot afford to lose.

Your capital should be divided into many deals, and you should never buy one currency with all your capital.

Cryptocurrency news should always be monitored, as it plays a major role in determining the currency's direction.

Never try to recover your losses by investing larger amounts. This is investing in emotions, and it often causes a lot of people to lose.

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