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My selfies and my busy life

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1 month ago

Hello guys! Finally after 1 week i am here again.
i was totally busy because of our business here. And such personal things that i have to do. Anyway how is everyone here? I hope you guys are alright. And always in the safe place. ❤️

Last week it was a hectic schedule for me because i went to the office and i check our farm. Yesterday we harvest a tons of rice from our field. And my wife and her sisters are talking and dealing with a client buyer. because these people are interested with some land here in bulacan. So

my wife, she have a part of it. because it came from they’re parents. it is 850 square meter. and finally. Everything is already settled. The payment will be on 28th of October.

And by the way i am so excited by this 2021 because they already confirmed my international flight. and i have a list of job order to do! And added to that i will start another business hopefully after I arrived from uae of course, i will be in Amsterdam as well.
after i finish everything i want to purchase a car because i will use it from my upcoming new business by 2021 hopefully by march

yay!! I am so excited! ❤️🌸

oh well for now.. i am enjoying the breeze of a cold weather its raining very hard. Its nice to sleep because its too cold. ❤️

let me share some selfies of mine before i close my eyes to rest.

Goodnight everyone I hope that all of you are having a good day and a fruitful week! Have fun.. keep in touch!

life is so beautiful if we know how to live with it and always remember that everything is going to be okay. All is well.

much love!

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Written by   44
1 month ago
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