Love, Shines like stars and moon in the sky through darkness

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2 years ago

true love, true feelings that never dies. That’s how we always felt. Each line that we are about to write is we dedicate it to a person who have a special place in our heart. Just like how the moon shine’s every night in the sky.

Together with those stars that keeps the glimpse in our universe. stars and moon cant shine without darkness..

falling in love madly and deeper towards to the person that we want to share our life with is an amazing feelings tho that humans arent perfect. But we still give love no matter what the situation is..

jealousy is created from the dark side of feelings. Once the person get caught up from being in love, its a natural nature from us to be selfish. Because we want the feelings that we invest from the person that we love will be the same as what we were doing.

Everything that happens in life there is a bad side of it. we should know how to handle our emotions because too much love can kill humans specially when it got too deeper.

life is so meaningful and at the same time its beautiful if we know how to live with it. you can see the meaning from the beauty of it. And the beauty by itself will shown as how it is. Full of colors. A rainbow that shines in daylight. Yeah that’s how it is! ❤️


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