Anxiety is attacking me right now.

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2 years ago

Hi guys! Its been a week since i am not around. Well i was just having sort of issues about myself i am having an anxiety attack. I don’t know where it came from but suddenly i feel so strange. Sometimes i was too happy. Sometimes i feel so empty and alone. I feel like i am nothing but a bastard one who exists in this world.

most of the time i wanted to be alone. Just to listen up to the music. Do such things that i really like to do. I feel like i want to change home. Somewhere from far away that no one knows me and to start my life over there.. i hate some few people and they irritated me a lot.

they make me feel think that i had some trouble in my life such a complicated thing that makes me realize that i am a stupid as fuck! Well this is totally crazy. I feel like i wanna go to the beach and throw all of these heavy things inside of my head, heart and soul. I just wanted to have a peace of mind. By march i am going to plan for it, i am badly need it to freshen me up!

i want to go with my friends for sometime to have a couple of drinks i want to see the difference between here and there, and besides it’s such a long time since I haven’t have fun together with them. How I missed it. I feel like there is an empty thing that didn’t make me feel complete. It’s so sucks. I feel like totally lost.

i am lost from nowhere and I can’t found myself from such things that really bothered me a lot, i feel so complicated and unhappy.
i just don’t know what to do..

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2 years ago