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What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

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1 month ago

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? 

It is a question posed by Fitz Villafuerte in his recent podcast. Sorry, I'm just into his talks lately. This question is also a typical introduction by several motivational speakers. It stirs the mind, engages our imagination, and forces us to think.

We seldom dream of doing great things either for ourselves or for others. When we were still a child, we dreamt of becoming the best version of whatever profession we desired. We want to be the best doctor, the best pilot, the best teacher, or the best president this country needs. Mediocrity is not an option. We want to be on top.

But as we grow older, we conform to the mold set by society. We heard testimonies that those on top are usually the most lonely people. They seldom have friends. We read from books that being on top requires hard work and sacrifices. It will exact a toll on us. It is not an easy journey. Slowly, fear crept in. Insecurity crept in. Our dream that once inspired us became just a beautiful idea. 

Most of us parked our dreams because we face the reality that not everyone has the privileges it takes to reach the top. It may not be impossible, but our situation makes it seemingly impossible. 

Fear is a crippling enemy. It robs us of our dreams. 

Now, what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

On a macro level, probably, I will help create a cure for cancer or draft an economic or scientific plan to address world hunger. If failure is not a thing, I promise to help make the world better, teeming with hope and peace. 

But zooming in to myself, I will pursue things that align with my passion and childhood dreams. I will deal with my fears and insecurity head-on. I will not settle for mediocrity anymore. I will be the best version of myself - that very picture I envisioned when I was still a lad. 

If I'm unable to fail, I'll write that book idea looming in my head for quite some time now. I will pass the best manuscript, birthed from my mind and experiences. I will be a best-selling author, just like how my kid self dreamt when he first saw best-selling titles in a bookstore. I will pen my name on copies, giving out inspiration to aspiring writers. I will inspire people to fall in love with books and writing! 

Focus on progress, not perfection

Fear is crippling. It stifles our potential. We would rather stay where we are than try our best and fail. 

Imagine a world without fear. Imagine what kind of life we could be living! Our Facebook timelines will frolic with stories from the most successful business tycoons, top-notch lawyers, sought-after artists, and distinguished public servants. We could be anyone!

The challenge for us is to be fearless, not to be perfect. Our call is to pursue our best despite our fears. What keeps us from our dreams are not the failures we face but the fear we embrace. Each time we fail is one step closer to reaching our goal. Focus on progress, not perfection. 

Victory is sweet because it includes stories of breaking and testing and failing and losing. There is beauty in failing because it makes us appreciate our winning more. A butterfly has to be inside a dark and isolated cocoon before it becomes a beautiful butterfly. Take it away from its cocoon, and it will only become a feeble insect. We grow through what we go through. 

Conquer your fears, but do not despise failures. 

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Written by   148
1 month ago
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love it.. i might also do something which can help cure diseases

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1 month ago

Just like a song I have been listening to lately, part of it says "every battle we go through leads us into growing".

What would happen in a world of not failing? I still can't imagine it but no one would be creative because they will believe that in which way they do it, they will definitely scale through. Failing is just like sharpening you into becoming smooth with creativity and when we fail, we are being moulded into something great that would make us face our problems with courage knowing that we have learned a lesson from failure and it's time to work things right.

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1 month ago

I love this! Every failure sharpens us to be better :)

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1 month ago