Passive income from your mobile phone? Yes, it is possible

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By definition, passive income is money being earned regularly with little or no effort on the part of the person receiving it. Sounds like a dream for everybody who is earning money with their own hands, body, mouth or head (hope I didn’t forget to mention any other body part that can be used to earn money). Passive income has been reserved until recently for people with a lot of money or properties who were able to rent them, invest them or enter a business partnership with part of their wealth. However now anybody can earn a bit of passive income with their phone. Thanks to Phoneum.

“Phoneum is a true mobile-only cryptocurrency, designed to deliver a simplified user experience and platform that enables all users, regardless of technical aptitude, to fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy.” It was introduced on June 27, 2018 by Ivan Likov as an ERC20 token with a maximum supply of 20,000,000,000 together with a mobile mining app. In the meantime both Apple and Google have imposed restrictions upon mobile cryptocurrency mining thus the mining app has transformed into a cloud earning app in order to comply with Apple and Google terms. Also in a meantime Phoneum (PHT) token has been migrated from Ethereum blockchain to Tron blockchain (Migration finished just recently on February 15th) and currently it has a circulating supply of 833,000,000 out of 5,000,000,000 max supply. The Phoneum token (PHT) has recently increased its value by some 150% and at the time of writing it can be sold for 0.0003 $. It can be traded on Probit and Polonidex exchanges.

Coming back to passive income and cloud earning app. Phoneum offers a mobile wallet where you can store and transfer your PHT tokens, stake them to earn interest and here comes the best, earn them for free through cloud earning. At a rate of approximately 700 PHT per week which represents 0.21 $ or 36,400 PHT = 11 $ per year at current token price. Not much but not bad, eeh? For free, with no effort at all. Well, there is some effort actually needed, you have to collect your earnings once weekly and start a new 7 day earning cycle. Still worth it, don’t you think? Furthermore as already mentioned Phoneum mobile app offers the possibility to stake your earned PHT tokens and earn interest on them. Interest rates vary from 12% to 60% annually depending on how much you stake. The minimum amount to stake is 20,000 PHT, the staking cycle is 1 month. You can download the cloud earning app right here. To claim your free 200 PHT you use my referal code: nrsksvhy

If it seems to you that you are earning too few PHT tokens in cloud earning app, you can earn some more by playing Phoneum games. Actually it is no more passive income as you have to actively play the games, however some of them I find pretty addictive and I enjoy earning money and having fun at the same time. Playing Phoneum games regularly gives you the oppportunity to increase significantly your PHT income. In generall I have been able to earn around 7000 PHT weekly from playing games that is something like 10 times more than you can earn from Phoneum cloud earning. All together (games + cloud earning) approximately 7700 PHT or 2.31 $ per week.

The mobile phone games currently represent a use case for Phoneum token. There are 5 games available at this moment, more are about to come. Phoneum token PHT is used as an in-game currency in all of them. It can be deposited inside the game wallet, it can be withdrawn to your own tron wallet, hot or cold. There is a withdrawal limit of 20,000 PHT. Furthermore some of the games allow you to earn small amounts of other cryptocurrencies like Bittorent, Wink, Beatzcoin, Lovehearts, AMSK or TronweeklyJournal. The above mentioned are TRC tokens, the last 3 pretty worthless. You can also earn BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tron. However the amounts are really small and wallet withdrawal limits are so high for these cryptocurrencies that it could take more than several months of daily playing in order to be able to withdraw some BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tron to your wallet. Unfortunately there is just one game CryptoTreasures that has it’s wallet integrated with cloud earning app. All other games have their separate wallets with 20,000 PHT withdrawal limit each. That’s quite a pitty, it would be much more comfortable to have just one wallet connected to all Phoneum games. Let’s look closer at the Phoneum games now.

Crypto Treasures is the first of the games introduced by Phoneum and unfortunately the only one with the wallet integrated with the cloud earning app. By playing simple minigames like spin the wheel and rock-paper-scissors you can earn gold and PHT. You can also dig for treasures. The treasures can be found in the chests that you can buy for gold or earn by completing tasks. The treasure chests contain PHT, xp points, collectables, and cryptocurrencies. Some can contain gold as well. You can exchange collectibles with other users and once you have earned all collectables you can redeem it for reward in PHT, xp points and gold. You can download the Crypto Treasures game right here. To claim your free 200 gold and 200 xp use my referal code: nrsksvhy

Green Karma (formerly CO2 cards) is an environmental themed card game. There are minigames like tap the bottle and submarine that allow you to collect CO2. You can also spin the wheel to get CO2 and PHT. Furthermore there is a possibility to plant a tree and activate a guard boat that collect CO2. Your CO2 is exchangeable for treasure chests that include PHT, xp points, collectables and environmental project cards. Some chests can include CO2 as. After collecting certain amount of project cards you can offset the cards and thus reduce the CO2 emissions by 1kg. Each offset rewards you with a chest containing xp points and small amounts of BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tron. The collectables are also tradeable among the users and similar to Crypto Treasures game you can redeem them for the reward in PHT, xp points and CO2. You can download the Green Karma game right here. To claim your free 200 CO2 and 200 xp use my referal code: 53gdxvkm

Crypto planet is space themed game based on very similar principles like Crypto Treasures and Green Karma. Basically you collect crystals by playing minigames like planet protector and asteroid destroyer. You can also dig for crystals or incubate them. The crystals can be exchanged in the shop for various chests that contain xp points, collectables and small amounts of cryptocurrencies, particularly  Bittorent, Wink, Beatzcoin, Lovehearts, AMSK or TronweeklyJournal. The collectables can be exchanged among the users and once completely collected they can be redeemed for reward in PHT, xp points and crystals.  You can download the Crypto planet game right here. To claim your free 200 crystals and 200 xp use my referal code: 33ry8wsh

Crypto connect 3 is a trivial game where you connect the same cryptocurrencies on the deck. It is completely different from other Phoneum game and that makes it special.There are 100 levels and you can earn up to 30 PHT per each level, depending on how successful you are in terms of number of moves or time. You can replay each level until you are satisfied with the result. As there are only 100 levels and maximum amount you can get from the game is 3000 PHT in total there is no withdrawal limit unlike in other Phoneum games. However you have to finish all 100 levels in order to be able to withdraw your PHT into your wallet. You can download the Crypto connect 3 game right here.

Crypto Cards is the recent of the Phoneum games. Basically it is a card collectible game, where you can earn cards by spinning the wheel, watching video advertisements, claiming and playing tap card minigame. You can also exchange cards with other users or sell them for PHT. There are three levels of cards, common, rare and ultra rare with decreasing probability of finding or getting one. You can add your cards to the collections and redeem your rewards in PHT and xp points after completing each collection. There is supposed to be introduced a battle stage, the purpose of which seems unclear to me at this point. You can download the Crypto cards game right here. To claim your free 200 PHT and 200 xp use my referal code: mcjgrd91

All of the above mentioned games contain in-app purchases of bonuses and video advertisements. The advertisement can get pretty annoying especially when you see the same video all the time. However what would one not endure in order to earn some more PHT ;-)

Take care and watch your money 😉




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