Beware of these SCAM tokens !!!

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2 years ago

Just recently some strange tokens started to appear in my Tron wallet. Not only in mine. They seem to be bulk transferred to all active Tron wallets. As you know wallet address is a public information that you can find on Tronscan and TRC10 tokens can be bulk send with practically 0 costs as they don‘t consume energy just bandwidth when transferred on Tron network. There is nothing wrong about this.

What is really wrong is the fact, that they are used by the scammers to drain the wallets of the innocent Tron wallet users. How? It’s very simple. A curious individual who finds a new token has arrived in his wallet tries to get some information about the token, particularly it’s value. Search results usually show Tronscan page with detail information about the token and, here comes the best, with a single web page address that seems to be very legit usually. When such curious individual enters the web page he/she finds the information about a very favorable price of the newfound token and a simple possibility to swap the token for other cryptocurrency, usually Tron or USDT. Some more sophisticated pages offer the possibility to claim an airdrop or even stake the token. All of these pages however are fake and their only purpose is to steel your crypto. When you try to swap/claim/stake, you have to sign the transaction in your connected Tron wallet. What happens instead of expected result is that you loose all your Tron resp. other valuable cryptocurrency like USDT from your wallet. It’s simply gone.

It seems to me as a crypto newbie that there is not much awareness about these new type of scam and a danger that it represents. I myself only found some info on community group pages on reddit. Therefore here I provide the list of all such scam tokens I am aware of at the moment , I expect others are going to arrive until the critical amount of Tron wallet users are aware of this type of Scam and it stops paying out for the scammers.


Some of them and those I consider particularly dangerous are trying to resemble existing defi tokens from Ethereum network:




Others are simply surfing on the wave of the current defi boom and pretend to be new defi projects on Tron network:








AVO this pretends to have a whitepaper btw, even though it's rather a blankpaper 😉.

Some are trying to imitate sophisticated blockchain projects, like blockchain hosting platform:


Originally I considered another airdropped token TOFU10 to be a scam as well, as it arrived around the same time as the other scam tokens. However for now it seems to be a live project, with a whitepaper and a telegram group, just using the airdrop for marketing purposes at the wrong moment. Will see if it turns out legit or scam.

Take care and watch your crypto 😉




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Is so rigth recently i was looking around many Defi projects with a lot of blank space on it Is more like empty contracts The website for the buy and some extra but nothing more For this reason the DYOR is very importan And buy our coins in the legitm websites Thanks so much a very good work God bless you🤘

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