Marky Story: Ghost Plant

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2 years ago
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Ghosts are among the creations from the world of wonders believed in the Philippines that sow fear in people when darkness falls not only in remote areas but also in the cities. In the city, this creature is more believed in the poor places that the inhabitants came from the province so I was among the people enslaved by this belief.

Among the beliefs I heard from the ghost was having a favorite plant, the night that because Bikol conquered my home province, we call it. And since the story is related to horror, I clearly remember even once I heard from a friend from the province who is said to be the origin of the ghost.

"Night is the favorite plant of the ghost because they use it to translate the ghost", explained my friend who came from the province that is said to be the origin of the ghost. "They feed the flesh of the night with sticky juice to the person they want to be a ghost!"

Because the belief was planted deep in my brain, I secretly felt scared when my sweetheart and I went to their province in Bisaya because there were many planted nights around the house. My fear increased when my sweetheart's relative told me to taste the night plants planted around the old and large house of their clan.

Even though I knew that my sweetheart was not a ghost, I was enslaved by fear because of the belief planted in my brain at night that the ghost used to translate being a ghost to other people. But because I had to hang out with my sweetheart's relatives, I was forced to eat the meat of the night which was really delicious even with sticky juice even after it was cooked.

"Arnel, isn't what I said true a good night planted around our house?" A relative of my sweetheart asked me.

"You're right, Dad Sendong", I replied.

"So add more meat to my favorite plant", said the elderly relative of my sweetheart.

Because of being with tata Sendong, even though I felt afraid of eating the flesh or roots of the night plant, I continued to eat even though my brain dictated that my sweetheart's relative might be a ghost and translated the ghostness into me. When night came because my sweetheart was not conservative, we slept side by side in a room of their family's big and old house.

And because I believe night is the ghost's favorite plant, I can't sleep well because I secretly feel worried ghost is my sweetheart's relative. But when we stayed for a few days at my sweetheart's clan house, I proved that my suspicion of tata Sendong was not true, he just really loved night plants.

It just so happens that my sweetheart's relative likes the night plant so delicious when the leaves are cooked and the meat is cooked even though the natural viscosity remains. And if real night plants are used in the translation of the ghost, I do not know, I am sure, this belief will live on until there is a floating story in this creature.

I have a belief that every writer eventually finds their voice as a writer. We start out in this beautiful moment where everything is possible. As newbies, we’re in it for the stories — not for the complexities of the market. Every good story starts with a spark of inspiration, an idea. What matters to the new writer is not who is going to read that thing, but instead crafting that idea into something people will want to read. Marky stories are not only for children, but adult may want to read this also as if the stories have love, fiction, epic and many more, I'm not only focusing in one theme, because every day, readers want something new, something that is not published before.

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2 years ago
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