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Thursday - October 1, 2020

Poverty is one of the problems of our country especially now that many people have lost their jobs due to the virus that is spreading in our country. Do we have anything to do? Are we just going to squirm in our homes and wait for something to be given to us? Are we lazy or just lacking in strategy? If we want to make money, there are many ways.

They say, "Laziness equals poverty". I agree with this saying because as a citizen we should act to avoid poverty not only for ourselves but for our country. So many experience poverty because of their laziness our choice is to be poor so if we do experience it we have nothing to blame but ourselves.

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Laziness is just a word but it will have a big impact on us as well as our country if that is what we are doing, we can not just wait for luck and gaping for it to fall in front of us. Because nothing like that will happen, everyone will suffer. There is nothing easy in this world if you want to earn, you act.

How do we act or work if there is COVID? Could we be infected with the virus?

As I said, the strategy is what we need at this time especially for those who have lost their jobs or hang out at home. Thanks to BCH or cryptocurrency you can earn every day. As we do now, by writing an article using your cellphone even if you are just indoors we make money for free. Right? If you study cryptocurrency or BCH many opportunities await you. Do not be afraid to try it. Nothing is lost if you do not try.

Is there any free income now?

There are many free sites today that you can earn and accumulate using cryptocurrencies. Don't be lazy to save a lot.

Why did you become a BCH lover?

This is what I am often asked why I love BCH. I enter any site or any kind of work as long as the payment is BCH only because the fee is small and comes quickly to my wallet. Why did I become a BCH lover?

I helped my family with our daily needs in our home.

  • During the vacation, I was so bored that I was just inside our house. I did not know how I could help with the needs of our home. I searched for possible income even if you were just indoors using my cellphone. So, I watched a lot on youtube about earnings, I joined the Facebook pages just to make money. The many sites or applications that I joined just to make money and help because at that time I felt I was a burden at home because I did nothing but clean, lie down, eat, and using cellphones, repeated routine throughout the day. After that, I really studied cryptocurrency, downloaded wallets where I could cash out the money I had accumulated. I really worked hard just to save. I just want to help at home somehow.

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Because of readcash, I recognize BCH cryptocurrency.

  • Yes, you read that right because in the read cash I just realized how good BCH cryptocurrency is. Since then I do not know about cryptocurrency as long as I make money, I have not yet appreciated how much the fee of other tokens. I came across this site from an acquaintance of mine who used to use readcash, she explained very well what should and should not be done on this site. I was scared at first because I did not like to write an article on any site like this but I still tried to make money until I enjoyed this site and improved my writing skills. The more I read the article about BCH the more beautiful it was. Because of this site, I met BCH enthusiasts who are ready to guide me to get to know BCH well and how to use it properly especially how to earn fast.

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I was hired as a translator, the payment is BCH.

  • There is a BCH enthusiast, I don't want to mention him as long as he already knows himself when he reads it. I am grateful to this person because he gave me the opportunity to earn and he trusted me. I saved up a wifi connection. Because I only used data then.

Upvote in, Twitter, Reddit, and BCH contest.

  • With the thickness of my face to interview BCH enthusiasts, by tweeting about BCH and joining memes I accumulated BCH on and through their upvote. This means that users and BCH enthusiasts here like and appreciate the articles I wrote, and effort to interview, funny or simple contest on twitter, or making memes.

Because of BCH, I have a lot of friends here and BCH enthusiasts who are ready to guide you.

  • I know many who are willing to help you to accumulate BCH, are willing to guide you, they are willing to listen to you, willing to give advice when you enter a cryptocurrency, and provide an opportunity to help you. Don't be afraid to approach it if you know in yourself that you can. Also do not be afraid to reject it if you know you are not capable or complicated to do so. Just be honest with them or yourself because that is where they will know who you really are.

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Based on my experience as a citizen of our country it is really difficult to experience being a poor almost all of us experience it and it is also up to us whether we will continue. If we do not want to experience poverty, let us act, not just our words, we lack action.

These are just a few reasons why I fell in love with BCH. Do not be afraid to accept the opportunity, BCH lovers are here to guide you, give you inspiration, and advise in every decision you make.

BCH is one of the NEW SUNSHINE in our life!

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How about you, did BCH help you?

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