You have loved ones waiting for you, so be careful while you're on the road

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6 months ago

September 3, 2022

"Justine, you need to slow down." After Justine had struck a pothole, Daff looked up from her book and stated her concern.

Justine has been behind the wheel for hours while Daff has been sitting in the passenger seat through the rain. She was completely absorbed in the novel she had just checked out from the school library. They had just gotten back from a reunion with their high school chums up in the north and were on their way home.

The rain pelted their car with heavy splatters. There was a steady beat to the wipers as they swept away the rain. Daff flexed her muscles. With the exception of a few large trucks, the road was flooded and seemingly empty. Putting her hand out, she caressed Justine's back.

You're killing it, man. To which Daff replied, "Hours on the wheel, and you still don't feel fatigued."

Due to your limited vision, I'm still holding on to the steering wheel. I'm not ready to give up control of my life to you just yet. When reading, you can hardly make out any of the words. Justine retorted, "How are you going to spot an oncoming automobile in this fog?"

Daff took her hand off of Justine's shoulders and murmured, "Okay, that's harsh."

Justine nodded and said, "I know right." But nevertheless, I adore you

"I know. Still, I despise you.

The two of them had a hearty guffaw.

Seven years ago, while attending the same boarding high school, they became fast friends and roommates. Evidently, they were neighbors even as children.

They've been taking a road trip together every year since forever to attend a reunion party with their high school class. With their alma institution serving as the setting for the event's northern location.

They claim that car trips are more entertaining than plane rides. They'll get to view cutting-edge construction in each place they visit, making this an unforgettable journey.

They rounded a corner, and Justine slowed down before doing a U-turn. Interstate 5 miles, it said on a signpost off to the left. There is now a stronger downpour. The rain was so heavy on the windshield that the wiper could hardly keep up. The rain's pounding against the ancient Volvo panel only got louder as they drove. They hadn't seen another car on the road in a few minutes, so it was safe to assume that they were the only ones there.

As Justines slowed even farther, they exchanged glances but said nothing. Daff put down her book and reached over to turn on the car radio.

It's like asking, "What are you attempting to do?" This was a question that Justine had.Keep your focus on the road, please. When it rains, I want to hear if the radio has anything special to say about it.

After a lot of static, she started changing stations. Light jazz music was playing on the speakers. She located a radio broadcasting location. There was music, but no sound of rain. She sat back in her chair and let herself unwind. Observed the scenery outside. There were trees off to the side, but she could hardly make them out.

We decided to pull into the next available petrol station. Daff resumed her book. The amount of rain is excessive.

Justine reassured them, "But we're almost home.

"You can't drive in this rain Justine, visibility is too low."


"No buts, Justine; come on

Just a few minutes later, Justine sped past a gas station. It had been raining heavily, and Daff had suggested they come inside until it stopped. Justine said they were within "gentle gliding distance" of home, so she could take it easy on the ride home. As the rain showed no signs of stopping, Daff became both angry at Justine and afraid. She vowed that Justine would never be allowed behind the wheel again.

In that exact moment, a transmission came over the radio.

This is a message from the Palmas government office. A severe storm is moving in our direction. Don't go anywhere, especially by water, land, or air. Please, once again, remain indoors. Have a good day and stay safe.

Daff regarded Justine as an inspiration. Now she was looking at me with rage in her eyes.

"Okay, my fault," Justine said contritely to Daff as she looked over her shoulder from the driver's seat. As a result, she was now essentially driving while blind. Since it was a foggy day.

Put your focus on the road, Just! Daff raised her voice in a shout.

Yet, we're only a stone's throw from the comforts of home. We will prevail.

Keep your focus on the road!

Justine failed to notice the oncoming truck. There wasn't enough time for her to make the sharp turn necessary to avoid a collision.

I feel the need to share this:

If any of us are feeling not well we ask that you not operate the vehicle. And if you get caught in a downpour, please slow down and halt if possible. Given that they will be patient no matter how long it takes us to return home, our loved ones will understand if we take our sweet time doing so.

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Disclaimer:All texts are mine and original, as stated. Any resemblance to other content is entirely coincidental, as is any similarity.

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6 months ago


Interesting. I see no reason to hurry while we have a car especially when it is raining. This is educative and informative

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6 months ago

This is so true. We don't know when accidents happen. We should be extra careful especially when we're driving. You might not be the one to be in danger, but think about the others.

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6 months ago

Dapat talaga maging advance palagi. Hindi dapat basta-basta mag desisyon lalo na pag sa road na pag usapan. Kailangan unahin yung safety.

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6 months ago