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Who's afraid of what?

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4 months ago
Topics: Challenge, Questions, Fun

We are not born to feel nothing. Even the strongest, hurt. Even the heroes, bleed. Even the powerful, became weak. As humans, it's okay be afraid. I don't know if anyone in here doesn't feel scared of something. Well, I salute you for that. 👏 I also wish I am not afraid or scared of something.

Hello lovelies! It's Saturday funday! I wish you all the best today whatever you're doing.

Actually, I don't feel the willingness to write today. I don't know I just want to sleep. Maybe because I've been answering modules since last night until now. I haven't gotten enough sleep since I need to finish this today. I tried to do it as fast as I can but then I don't want to compromise the content quality. Can anyone do the last module? Hahaha!

Glad I came across @Eylz2021 's article. I enjoyed reading it since it's all about the things she's scared of. We do have things in common which we are afraid of and these are the frogs and thunder. Because of that, she told me to also write about things I am afraid of and I'm giving it a yes! Thanks, friend @Eylz2021 You're my angel today. 😁

Things that I am afraid of:


Looking at it in the picture is the bravest thing I did today. I can't even dare to stare at it for long. I don't know but I just don't like the sight of any frog. No offense to those who like frogs tho. It's sill your choice and I'm not against it. After all, they are still creations of God.

I start to become scared of it when my grandma said I would get skin disease when a frog urinates me. I remember the day when I accidentally step on a big frog and I felt the softness of it's body. 😩 I just cannot. Some people here also eat frogs of a specific type. I don't know what to call those types but it's still a frog.

They call it "adobong palaka".

They said it tastes like chicken meat. How about you? Do you also have this kind of dish in your place?

Again, no offense to those who don't eat frogs. We have different cultures and ours happen to include this as one of our dishes. ☺️


Since I was a kid, I am so scared of this. I like rain but it's not the same it it's accompanied with thunder. Whenever I hear thunder, especially when I see lightning as well, I just feel like I will be struck by it and turn to ashes.

Strong Typhoons

As I said, I like rain but not that bad like strong typhoons. It's because our house is made of bamboo and it's not as strong as the wind the typhoon may bring. During typhoons, I am always worried since I can feel our house will move with the strong wind. I'm also afraid that our roof would also go with the strong winds. There was a time when our roof was almost destroyed by the typhoon. Fortunately grandma and grandpa were able to do something about it while the typhoon is raging.

I don't want to see a scene like this that's why I'm working so we can build a new house.

Drunk people in the street

When I was a kid, I was afraid of drunkards who are wasted in the street. I just feel like they might do something bad in me or worse, rape me. Well, I guess I was just influenced with what I saw in movies. But now that I drink and also got drunk sometimes, I'm bot afraid of them since they are my friends now. 😂


That feeling butterfly animal is a big no for me. They stink and are dirty as well. They have that weird face. Lol. I just don't like to see them. I have traumatic memories with cockroach that's why I hate them but I don't want to kill them.

  • One time they creep inside of my blanket and got into my skin so I was awaken. I was curious what's crawling so I touched it and found out it's cockroach. 🤢

  • A cockroach bite or maybe sting my lips. I don't know what's the right term to use haha! But grandma said a cockroach bite my lips that's why they're swollen. Ew!

Being alone for a long time

I want to be alone but not for long. I have an anxiety and my panic attacks would kill me if I am alone. If I'm alone, my mind will create a scene which triggers my anxiety. I don't want that.


I love my own blood because that's what keeps me or us alive but to see blood coming out from someone's body is s NO again. I have this weird trait that I feel the pain of someone I saw bleeding. And that will cause panic in me making me have difficulty in breathing.


I've been hospitalized battling between life and death so going back from it will just bring back all the memories. Even if I'm sick, I will not choose to go to hospital. Not unless it's severe.


I love playing dolls when I was a kid. I actually had one and I even sew her dresses. I don't know what happened it's just so sudden when I got afraid if it. Maybe because my best friend who helped sew my doll's dress died because of bone cancer. Or perhaps another influence of movies again wherein I saw dolls from horror movies.

Just don't mind my face there haha

In one of my online classes, my regular student showed her doll and I freaked out but I didn't let it show because she might feel bad. Haha! But that time, I am avoiding the sight of her black-eyed doll.

I have a lot of things in mind but I will not be able to write all since I need to finish the learning modules today. That's all for now lovelies! I hope you find this worthy of your time. Lol.

How about you? What makes you scared?

You can write about that too! Enjoy!

Special mention to @Murakamii.7 Welcome to mamshy! I dare you to do this challenge too. Hahaha!

Thank you so much guys for reading! You've been so kind to me since day one.

Thank you so much again for your time! To my sponsors, upvoters and to those who comments, I am sending you my warmest gratitude! Let's talk and get to know each other well.

You can also reach me at

Ciao! ❤️

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Written by   173
4 months ago
Topics: Challenge, Questions, Fun
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