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Get to know everything about IDO and IDO marketing services

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Hello! Be ready to know everything about Initial Dex Offering and the IDO marketing solutions that are available. 

What is the definition of IDO?

Firstly, IDO is an abbreviation for Initial Dex Offering. DEX is a decentralized exchange. Projects that are based on decentralized exchanges or projects based on cryptos will be listed on the IDO launchpad platform in order to raise funds. Yes, the decentralized exchange projects can be listed on the launchpad and the project owner can start raising crowdfunding.

Let us look from the perspective of the investors, i.e., the ones who will contribute to crowdfunding. The initial procedures they have to perform include registering on the selected IDO launchpad platform, connecting the crypto wallet, and purchasing the native tokens. 

In order to invest in any of the crypto-related projects, investors should have enough native tokens. 

Features supported by the IDO token launchpad

  • Instant token allocation

You know that investors can invest in the projects that are showcased on the platform. The instant token allocation feature lets those investors quickly purchase the tokens of the projects they are interested in.

  • Wallet integration

The in-built wallet feature is an important feature, and all the cryptocurrencies will be stored inside that wallet.

  • Highly compatible

The IDO launchpad platform can be built using Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, or any blockchain technology.

  • Verification

The app lets the admin verify the authenticity of projects that gets listed on the platform.

These are crucial features of the IDO launchpad platform. Now, let us get into the marketing services that are generally carried out for IDO-related projects.

Top IDO Marketing Solutions

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Influencer marketing

  • PPC

  • Community engagement

  • PR outreach, etc.


For IDO crowdfunding projects, you may need assistance from an IDO marketing company as they will strategize the best marketing solutions for your project. 

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