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Enhance your blockchain platform with White label NFT Marketplace Development

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1 month ago

What do you think is stealing the show in the investment world ? It is none other than crypto collectibles. There are a horde of platforms that support the decentralized trading of distinctive Non-Fungible tokens. 

Delving into the metaverse  can be overwhelming at times but the whitelabel NFT platform  has got your back. Seep into this article to understand the concept of the White-label NFT marketplace development.

White-labeling and the NFT marketplace development

First, understand how white-labeling and ready-made apps are intertwined. There are developers who will have ready-made software solutions. Obviously, the pre-built software will hold the name and brand logo of the developer/development company.

Now, if you are buying that ready-made software, its ownership has to be changed and replaced with your brand name and logo. This is exactly the process of white-labeling. 

If you think that developing an NFT marketplace is a tiring process and requires a heap of investment, then the white-label marketplace development proves it all wrong. The ready-made nature is not only the advantage of the white-label NFT platform. Yes, here follows a list of notable advantages.

  • Quick launch

A white-labeled software takes only a few days to launch. In contrast to the development of software from the very beginning, white-label software development can be deployed in a swift time.

  • Customizable 

If you want to invest in an NFT marketplace that is ready-made at the same time customizable, then the white-label solution is the perfect option. You can append various customizations to the pre-built or ready-made platform.

  • Features 

Anyone investing in an NFT marketplace will look for enhanced security features. The white-label marketplace is drenched with security features and of course, you can add extra features to the app by availing of the customization feature. 

Notably, while developing an NFT marketplace, make it highly user-friendly and integrate it with a software or a hardware wallet.  

The revenue-making sources of the NFT marketplace

  • Listing fees

Are you aware of listing NFTs on the platform? If not, here is a short description of listing digital collectibles on the blockchain-powered marketplace. . Listing is a process of showcasing the digital assets or NFTs with the intent of selling it to investors. The listed NFTs get noticed by buyers and they may express interest.

  • Commission fees

When users trade digital collectibles on the platform, they are bound to pay the commission fees to the platform. Hence, as the owner of the platform, you will get a certain commission for services like organizing auctions and making bids. 

The functionality of the white-label NFT platform

  • First things first. People who are interested in trading Non-Fungible Tokens must register on the platform.

  • Following that, they must integrate their crypto wallet to the platform in which they sign-in.

  • Then, the users have to upload their digital collectibles  on the platform and set the price for sale. Alongside, they must also specify the type of cryptocurrency and crypto tokens they wish to accept for transferring digital assets.

  • Once the listing of digital assets comes to a close, buyers (who express interest) will pay the amount in the form of cryptocurrencies and get the NFTs transferred to them.

Here is a ticket for you to develop an NFT marketplace platform

Appdupe is a pioneer white-label NFT marketplace development company. We are skilled in offering end-to-end customizable and white-labeled NFT platform development solutions. Additionally, we are maestros in providing blockchain services. 

Appdupe will be a suitable partner for you as our marketplace development solutions are industry-standard and rich in terms of features and functionalities. The chief attributes of our solution are interoperability, uniqueness, fully-functional, customizable, etc. Also, we provide you with a range of blockchain networks in which you want to develop your NFT marketplace. We look forward to scheduling a meeting with you. 

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1 month ago
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