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Choose the white-label solution for developing an NFT marketplace like OpenSea

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Hi! What made you stop by this blog? Let me take a guess. Since this blog is about building an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, you thought of giving it a quick read, right? Alright! OpenSea is the benchmark for NFT marketplace platforms due to the support it provides for a multitude of digital assets.

OpenSea is synonymous with Amazon in terms of the number of digital collectibles or NFTs available. Indeed, OpenSea is also labeled as the Amazon of the NFT industry, similar to how Amazon is for the E-commerce industry.

Generally, developing such a marketplace platform that processes transactions of millions of NFTs, is quite complex. The platform has to carry out multiple tasks like minting, list creation, smart contract execution, and transaction processing. Hence, the overall development of a complex platform is going to consume time.

But the white-label solution cuts down the enormous time required for developing a platform for NFT trading. Wondering how it can be done? In simple terms, the white-label solution means an app in the name of the creator, which is fully developed. Yes! 

OpenSea Clone Software - Key Features Integrated 

As referred previously, the white-label solution available that is similar to OpenSea is called the OpenSea clone software. 

  • Bundle listing - Artists can list numerous tokens representing different assets at the same time using the bundle listing feature.

  • Trading stats - The NFTs traded on the platform will be displayed along with some details like trading volume, price, etc., on an hourly basis. This feature will be useful for artists who have listed their NFTs on your platform.

  • Auction methods - NFT marketplaces like OpenSea support two types of auctions, namely English auction and Dutch auction. 

Wrapping up, the clock is ticking, thereby denoting that the best time for launching the OpenSea clone software is now.

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1 month ago
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