Privacy on BCH is Essential!

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I was inspired to write this article having watched the recent "Dark Net" video posted on the YouTube channel, discussing the Silk Road. Link below:

This is a great video for anyone who isn't really aware of darknet markets.

The catalyst for Bitcoin adoption as we all know was through the Silk Road, now I am not someone who uses these markets myself but I do think people should have the right to purchase these goods if that's what they want to do.

We can't underestimate the size of this marketplace and what it would do for the BCH ecosystem to become the dominant player here.

It's not just as simple as people offering BCH as a payment method, if anyone has ever been on here you know the vast vast majority of sellers price their products in Bitcoin, most of them in Bitcoin only.

In order to take more of the darknet market, which will ultimately lead to more lightnet marketshare we need to continue evolving as we are doing by becoming a fast, reliable and cheap method of payment. Both easy to use for the buyer and also the seller.

This is all fine and great but the one thing that I believe would see BCH use rise exponentially is by enhancing our privacy features.

Cash shuffle was a great first step, to get this done so early in our evolution away from Bitcoin core was great. The premise of this is that users can merge their funds together thus obfuscating their operations.

Brilliant, however to get where we want and need to go we need more. If you're the only person being anonymous then you're not anonymous.

Mainstream adoption of any platform without sufficient privacy is dangerous, for what we are trying to achieve we need to allow every single human being on this planet the opportunity to transact freely with privacy.

That above statement is what Bitcoin is all about for me, it's not about playing with money, becoming a plaything for the rich, getting rich, creating a new investment token or creating the next wave of upper class who will lord over everybody else.

This is where the real battle between Governments and Bitcoin will come, forget the current debates we are having about miner funding. This argument will be brutal.

We will be told that for the safety of our country, whatever country you may be in, a private digital currency puts us all in danger don't you know...

They want to keep the status quo where they look at everyone's transactions, location, buying preferences, political persuasion, favourite foods etc. All of these things are tied to our financial transactions.

The ironic thing is, that governments have their own darknet which they operate on, governments aren't against the darknet, they just don't want you and I to have one to.

If the government wants to see all of our transactions, then surely there is nothing wrong with our governments showing us and accounting for every single penny they spend? Can you imagine the money laundering we would uncover, the money for propped up governments, the money for terrorists, the money for narco-traffickers.

It's one rule for them and one rule for us as always. No more however, we have the tool to flip the balance between security and privacy and that tool is Bitcoin!

Our biggest problem in Bitcoin and in crypto is anonymity and we need to fix this before this gets too big or popular. The privacy tools we build have to be so user friendly and easy to use that your man on the street when using BCH doesn't even realise they are there. They just are.

That's why I am delighted that BCH's inroads to privacy are being recognised in the darknet slowly, this will only get better with CashFusion. I am very excited with CashFusion and the privacy that will bring to our network, keep an eye on how the darknet moves as you can be sure when major darknet adoption starts happening major lightnet adoption won't be far away.

This is very exciting times in BCH and I commend every single person involved in the projects bringing more privacy to the network and bringing us closer to our goal of having every person on the planet able to transact freely!

I will leave a couple of interesting links in regards to CashFusion below should anyone have any interest in the project and want to find out more.

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